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michael garrido

He’s a decent person

I hope he’s not praying for success instead of creating success.

michael ruiz

Take a shot everytime he says “right?”

    Robbie Foster

    nah don’t feel like dying today

    Tabey Loccs



    michael ruiz “you know”

    Kyle Miller


    mudducks 84

    🤣🤣 RIGHT!

Coach Mike

Gota go talk to damn much.


brother i know the dink and dunk playbook is suspect but please stop staring down your 1st option and consider adding some pump fakes. You were a great altar boy now its time for you to be a great QB

Zack V

Better start playing like his job depends on it……

Mitchell Vang

Carr, no more 5 yrd passes please….

    Joshua scott

    You wanna bet he gonna do it again omg 😂😂😂😂see I’m about lose my trust on Carr cause he won’t throw deep

Matagi Ala

Try not to do too much, man get the first downs and not be scared and sliding man!

    Leonel Gutierrez

    Matagi Ala this man needs to throw deep

michael preller

I really hope he balls out the rest of the year…. but I would be a damn liar if I said my confidence in him wasn’t wavering.

    Byron Mendez

    Hes not, hes focusing on not getting hurt and getting his 25 million a year

    Donny Block

    Always been a huge supporter but same bro 🙁

    Jay Dubb

    Well said! 💯

Robbie Foster

you’re on the clock now fam

Joseph Perales

All the arm talent in the world, but no heart, does not like to get hit, don’t like to run, one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, a great new running back, and nothing but excuses, put Fitzpatrick, back there he would look like Tom Brady

    Dan Johnson

    Joseph Perales TRUTH! He’s scared and it’s embarrassing to watch.

    Sergio Galindo


Mrs. Sandoval

Im very Upset that Our Loyal Fans dislike this guy , you mean to tell me when nothing goes right its the QBs fault? We all ahould know what he is capable of doing but this is a Team sport they have to move as A Unit. He’s not Playing every position. I mean some of the play calling looks amateurish, Dc doesn’t call plays, Run, Block, PR,KR. Ps… still aint got No one to throw to

    Alex V

    Mrs. Sandoval yeah but at least try to make some damn good plays, like a good Qb does. Extend some plays, not just get all scared and throw the damn ball away like you always do.


    if you look at film, which i do every week on him. he makes alot of dumb decisions and misses ALOT of big plays becuz he gets rid on the ball 1-4 yards becuz hes afraid of getting hit or for whatever reason. he throws check downs on 3rd and long. its been years of this. he has better players around him so theres no more excuses. Our play calling is trash. but so is his decision making

    Dan Johnson

    Mrs. Sandoval YES as the QB it is your fault, if you’re any type of leader at all. YES it is his fault.

T Co

Summon your inner Favre and sling it. I’m almost at the point where a turnover is worth a dozen or more shots 40 yards down field.

    Duck Muthafucker

    Yes, I completely agree. Atleast go out with a fight and give our guys a chance to catch a ball.

Ser Winzzalot

Do too much???? No no no not doing enough you mean bro.

    mac pimp



    No bro he means , he’s doing to much thinking on how to curl up like a baby and not get hurt 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    •Tha 5 Elements of Hip Hop•

    I feel like Carr needs to stop overthinking in the pocket and just play and have fun, I feel like he overthinks alot


    •Tha 5 Elements of Hip Hop• Yep, he needs to relax and play like he was just drafted. I think he feels like he needs to prove too much and is stressing when on the field.

Jonathan Jennings

All im hearing are excuses I need results

Gwesus Santiago

Damn shame they dont give pro bowls for pressers


    Damn this is real spot on

Joe Archibeque

He’s another Eli Manning put another QB in Come on Gurdon Get the broken Carr out of there

Joe Archibeque

He’s afriad to do anything He stays to long in the pocket he needs to run more come on man


The fact he wasn’t informed by anybody that Ryan grant was cut…

Gilbert Guzman

CARRRRR throooww tthhhhe balllllll dooooowwwnnn thhhhhe fiiiiiieeeeelllld….im kind of tired of gruden and carr always say “we played a great football 🏈 team theyre really good” tired of hearing that during press conference…..those teams arent that good we just give teams to many chances against us and that sht is frustrating….I WANNA WIN RIGHT FKN NOW MAN SHT…..RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRSSSSSS 💀 💀

edudz pickupsho

I’d rather have DC throw a pick going deep rather than trying not to throw a pick and still throw a pick. Make sense?

    Erv Brown

    edudz pickupsho I wish i could like this comment more than once lol

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