Derek Carr Postgame Presser – 9.22.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derek Carr Postgame Presser – 9.22.19 | Raiders

Quarterback Derek Carr addresses the media following the Week 3 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium.

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Nick Rhymes Reply

Maybe don’t pass for five yards on every 3rd and 7

    Syck Musyck Reply

    Burfict leads the league in tackles right now dummy

    lonewarrior2332 Reply

    @BoKnows1978 what are you talking about. He puts the team on his back. If you think Kapernick or anyone else available is better. Start your own football team.

    BoKnows1978 Reply

    Someone doesn’t know football..
    Did you ever play?
    That’s a wierd eay of putting a team on ur back.. Wow..

    lonewarrior2332 Reply

    @BoKnows1978 nice attempt but yes played the game and studied it. And he takes the blame on himself. Funny you couldn’t actually explain what you were talking about

    BoKnows1978 Reply

    Maybe you should scroll up.

robertav3 Reply

Same ol story…

Fred Reichner Reply

I hate to say it but carr might be problem,he look like trash

    Everett Plater Reply

    @Rashon Black also this is causing a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball so car is on that BS Duncan and Duncan I said it on Mikey Raiders rant he need to nut up or shut up she’s put Peterman out there or Kaiser try to anybody else but this garbage least that try to put the ball down the field or they’ll run

    Jesse Salazar Reply

    Everett Plater yea bro bad offense definitely effects the defense. For us to come out of halftime down 21-7 and have a 3 and out is horrible carr has had back to back horrible games and it seems like this is just what to expect from him our schedule is not gonna do us any favors wouldn’t be shocked to see a 1-4 record coming off that bye week

    Jesse Salazar Reply

    Am I the only one who lost their mind when he slid on 3rd and 5 with one defender to beat?? Like I’m not saying you can’t get tackled or have to get the first but to not even attempt it and just concede it was absolutely pathetic !!

    Everett Plater Reply

    @Jesse Salazar smh gotta 😅to keep from😭😭😭 this is horrible and ppl keep screaming we have no talent on offense but we dont have a confident derek Carr he is straight up playing like a lemon also this play is getting us injured on offense and defense

    DNICE41 Reply

    @A R nope if you dont have a QB in today’s league, the rest doesn’t matter really. A good QB is the straw that stirs the drink.

Fred Reichner Reply

He goes to check down way to quick,like hes scared

    Micky Pineda Reply

    That’s Grudens offense. It’s his early 2000s style. Never really did well as a coach. Inherited good teams and won then had bad years. Sat in a booth and people thought he would be the best coach ever. We’re always in power packages. We never empty set and will run 3 runs and punt all game.

    Omc 559 Reply

    Or maybe cuz that oline is trash and he doesn’t trust them

    1D4ever Reply

    He is scared of getting hurt

James Fox Reply

During his press conferences… I just hear the trumpet noise when adults talk on Charlie Brown cartoons now. I was a big defender of his… not anymore. It’s time to move on from him.

    Oscar_J Juarez Reply

    James Fox you outta your damn skull

    A R Reply

    We need to fix our other problems first before just going to get a quarterback

    James Fox Reply

    There’s no denying this team has a lot of issues. But when you have a revamped o-line, offensive minded coach, actual weapons in the WR and TE corps, and you’re still afraid to sling it more than 8 yards, something is up.

    We are a better team as a whole this year, don’t get me wrong, but It’s highlighting the problem I was previously blind to at QB on the offensive side of the ball.

    CP3's Right Hamstring Reply

    @James Fox Good points but no one is talking about our OC… Dude is trash if we’re being honest here

    Chris Gang Reply

    I think AB fucked up alot raiders plans this year our wrs corps was solid af they double down on AB n Williams was the go to ..that was the plan we got screwed over mishaps Carr needa wake up tho or is it gruden play calling??

Rick Scorsese Reply

I can’t deal with him anymore. I don’t know if it’s him or Gruden or both,but 2020 we need a new QB for sure.

    StrykerEcks Reply

    @Bill Lozier the Raiders organization made the choice to have HOME games in London and Mexico. So how can you blame the NFL for that?

    Bill Lozier Reply

    @StrykerEcks wtf? What? Raiders dont decide where to play. That cannot be true. The NFL makes the schedule.

    StrykerEcks Reply

    @Bill Lozier the England and Mexico games were not forced on the Raiders by the NFL, and are considered home games.

    Elvir Doko Reply

    Wait one more year, if he sucks we draft Trever Lawrence

    Bill Lozier Reply

    @StrykerEcks you are mostly correct, the Raiders agreed to play in Europe & Mexico because by NFL rules teams without a solid home base must be willing to play overseas. Since the Raiders are preparing to move the last few years have forced their hand. They are bound to play home games in Mexico and Europe. I looked it up.

Mr.stay_boosted247 _ Reply

Throwww the ball pass 3 yards please us as fans deserve better than this

    Tony Copeland Reply

    Damn right..Pop pass ye ta death..Garbage

    Mason Boehm Reply

    3rd and 11… throws behind the line of scrimmage for the fourth time.

Lonzo Ball Reply

Derek “I pad my stats in garbage time” Carr

    Jesse Salazar Reply

    Lonzo Ball bro that’s all I was saying during the game like he was just waiting for that garbage time so he can feel better about himself as a bad QB

    GS32 Reply

    Lonzo “I still haven’t played in 100 season games” Ball

    GS32 Reply

    Lonzo “damaged goods” Ball

    Lonzo Ball Reply

    You’re hilarious you should do stand up.

    GS32 Reply

    Lonzo Ball you like those huh, how about Lonzo “Air” Ball or Alphonso

Samson Strong Reply

Hopefully this is his last year with the Raiders he just don’t got it

    A R Reply

    Samson Strong really instead of looking at the other glaring problems u focus on the quarterback if we fix all of the problems first then we’ll start winning games if we just draft a quarterback without any support and throw him in the fire it’ll be a wasted pick

    Samson Strong Reply

    @A R it’s not just because they’re losing I say that it’s because how he plays he plays scared the season he was good he was aggressive and took chances he is accurate as any qb he’s athletic he knows the offense he just not confident or something

    Jeffrey Booth Reply

    @A R Take the 20+ mil Car makes and address other needs.He’s woefully overpaid.

    Forest Widow Reply

    @A R Carr had a better offense and O line this year easily than he did last year and the year he was an MVP candidate… he is just not the same QB, he gets a few good games that show sparks but he can never get to the point of being competitive against the likes of a top 5 or 15 qb… he can’t compete like he used to against teams that really lay into us… sadly I agree where will we get someone better? well it all starts with trying new qb’s… and its going to be a harsh road, we have been through it… but theres no better time to give a new qb a new start than in a new stadium and new town

Gene Brimage Reply

25 million a year for this deer in headlights qb??i guess dak is worth 40 million

    Bill Lozier Reply

    Dak is exploding this year. He has a whole great team with him now. He also has a new contract coming soon. Raiders, Carr is a game manager. The fallout of AB is still stinging because they dont have a #1 receiver. Lost Abram for the year. Gruden & coaching has to improve or he’s gonna lose team confidence..if he hasn’t already.

    Isaac H Reply

    Dallas o line is worlds better plus zeke threat and wr are better overall not a rookie RB and rookie wr besides t will

Gene Brimage Reply

Guy gets most his completions and yards when team is down huge and opposing defenses play soft!his passing yards #’s very skewed

Jimi Boi Reply

what the hell is he talking about ……..we were never moving the ball competitively in this game at all

    Juan Sanchez Reply

    Agreed. Time to plug in the back up QB.

    Ivan Garcia Reply

    New QB

    Siegfried von Vegesack Reply

    Fire up the Teddy mobile. ROY 🙂

    Rene Basavand Reply

    Cant wait qb here we.come home we go 1 15 (i really dont) but better then 6 10

    GS8GAM1NG Reply

    Lol dude had 7 yards passing when they were down 21.

Town Bizness Reply

Like Madden said. “On 3rd down why the heck r u running a pass pattern short of the 1st down. Makes no since to me.”

    Roy serrato Reply

    Town Bizness is like they don’t know how to run the ball and take pressure of the QB we’re stuck on 3rd and long most of the time smh

    1D4ever Reply

    I remember one his games 00 he would go crazy if you they a short pass on 3rd and long

    California Dreaming Reply


    Town Bizness Reply

    @California Dreaming I can’t stand foos like u..

TigerTony 77 Reply

Carr we like you but why you playing like this ?!

    JustPlaying2020 Reply

    Shell shocked

    BigManPigMan Reply

    He sucks?

    TigerTony 77 Reply

    stevensw don’t want to be 1.3 or 1.4 . We say yup time up Carr new qb

    Weapons Of Warfare Reply

    Who’s WE??

    1D4ever Reply

    You still like him??!?

samherb1 Reply

Gotta let it rip at some point. Two yard dump offs isn’t going to get it done……

BB King Reply

You have WRs for a reason. Try throwing to them.

Robert Ragland Reply

As a Raiders fan I’m sick of the ya they are good team and hard to come back comments…Same ole same ole..

    Rodney James Reply

    Endure the bad, cause when this team gets good, it will be that much more sweeter!

    Be patient, we’re just *”1-2″* with a few adjustments and good play, we can easily be *”2-2″* .

    Kev Arakaki Reply

    Carr is not the chosen one…..maybe he can be one of the best backups…!!!!!!

    Jose Reyes Reply

    Carr is a one season wonder and I tried to defend him last week but losing to Kirk cousins is just sad man.

HueJackCity66 Reply

Making excuses? I am officially done with Carr.

Mister Paradise Reply

Derek, you started the game like this:
3 plays, 2 yds PUNT
5 plays, 15 yds PUNT
2 plays, 4 yds INT

Derek, you started the second half like this:
3 plays, 0 yds PUNT
8 plays, 36 yds DOWNS
14 plays, 42 yds, MISSED FG

Derek, in the first 3 drives of each half, for a total of 6 offensive possessions, you did this:
35 plays, 99 yds, 0 points

Derek, that’s an average of:
6 plays and 17 yds per 3 drives to start both halves.

Derek, are you still playing scared?

    Stepheon Norris Reply


    Jeremy Senseney Reply


    Byron Mendez Reply

    Hes scared of losing his 25 mil this year and next year. He avoids getting hurt at all cost. Not the guy the Raiders need

    Gains for Me Reply

    He’s playing scared and has no confidence. He’s overthinking so much by changing the damn play or overthrowing a receiver. He doesn’t make enough plays with his feet to extend plays like Mahomes, Wentz, Watson, Allen, Darnold, Rodgers….the damn list goes on.

A Song For Dee Vee Reply

Why was there NO sense of urgency after being down 21?

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