Derek Carr on facing Vikings: “It’s a good challenge for us” | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Win the next two!!!!!!!!

    It is what it is


angelo belcher

We need to get that win back! 218 yards in the air ain’t gonna cut it this week!

    Stepheon Norris

    Not at all dink DONK PUNT

    CP3's Right Hamstring

    Those floaters tho

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa

i honestly think Carr is gonna end up being a Viking in his future career πŸ‘€

    Sergio Galindo


    Not in our lifetime!


Joey Sanchez

Kinda salty there’s an ad with Mahomes before this video

Luis Galvez

Let the damn play develop you consistently missed Tyrell Williams down the field for TDs vs cheifs! Step your damn game up.

    Lonzo Ball

    Luis Galvez
    He did that with Cooper a lot too but you never gonna hear a Carr stan admit that.

    Luis Galvez

    @Lonzo Ball oh trust me bro i know. Amari was always open down field. This guy is captain check down. He needs hall of famers at every position to succeed is what the carr stan’s will say.

    Lonzo Ball

    Luis Galvez


    @Luis Galvez He shits his pants when he feels pressure so he checks down or chucks up a 50/50 ball to a wide open receiver.

joel franco

Give doss some reps

    CP3's Right Hamstring

    0 snaps last game… why bring him back? Smh

    CP3's Right Hamstring

    Get some pressure off TW

    joel franco

    CP3’s Right Hamstring Nelson out, carrier ehh, renfrow is ok grant sucks n doss is yet to be tested

    Nathan Forbes

    He needs to be more consistent running routes and catching he bobbles catches still. give him a couple weeks to play with carr

Cali Loyalty

Take responsibility. On your weak throws. Get it together Derek

    Gilbert D. Morales

    Hey stop wtf blame the if he can get 2 seconds the ball is there

    Eliazar De La Cruz

    Gilbert D. Morales or he throws an interception with all the time in the world 60/40

    Gilbert D. Morales

    What ever if you’re a Raider fan you never bring down a player in the team.

Cali Loyalty

I want the 2016 Carr. Pre -contract extension

    Lonzo Ball

    Cali Loyalty
    Pre injury

    Siegfried von Vegesack

    My wild prediction – Derek Dallas Carr will be gone after this season. Gruden and Mayock gonna make a move for the lefty from ‘Bama – Tau Tagovailoa.

    The Joker

    Those days are gone


    He was getting bailed out all year by his receivers. He was still shitty that year too.

j j

Carr is thinking too much, watching too much film, and talking too much good about the other teams

    Ascnd Kazik

    How can you watch too much film

    j j

    @Ascnd Kazik I think it makes him worry too much about what the other team is going to do instead of what he can do just saying

    William Chavez

    I think carr stick to the play so hard like if the plays to get the ball to Williams but if let say grant is open deep. Carr with just do what the play demands and throw it short to Williams . trust to much on gruden .

Michael Marchant

Need a better week than what we got last week ! Let’s get a big road win this week and it starts with u Carr!

Francisco Pancho

I just want to see how the Raiders secondary and Offense communicates in a loud Viking stadium.

Sillyas Iwannabe

Williams and Waller are balling.. When the other receivers gonna start earning there pay… Being elusive enough to get open is paramount to our success.. Less than 5 receptions a game is slackin


Carr loves to hear himself talk.

Apache 247

Carr you better not be saying I wish we win. . You better go out and take the WIN.

Tzotz Balam

Carr definitely has to bring it up several notches. He must improve his route reading and be a little bit more patient before releasing. PEACE


He said penalties is,the reason they werent able to substain drives he said 2nd and 3 to 2nd and 8 is a difference translation wat he met is dammit I’m not throwing the ball pass 8 yards 🀣🀣 Carrrr come on man 😫😫

Roman Hali

I don’t trust Carr he looks like he over thinks some plays and ultimately hurt this team to win. Gruden needs tu run the ball and Carr needs to manage the game that’s it don’t try to be 2016 Carr just do your job don’t over think staff that are easy.

Jacques Ingram

Derek Car is a Average QB it is what it is

Miguel Ruiz

Get it done Derek otherwise your going to be out if a job

The Joker

Derek Carr will find a way to lose against Minnesota

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