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Awesome squad Family

*Has anyone thought “I wish I Wrote that comment.*

    Jericho fletcher

    I wish I wrote that comment

    Awesome squad Family

    Jericho fletcher but do you?

    Jericho fletcher

    @Awesome squad Family maybe

Loyal Philly fan

Underrated QB. People forget he was having a mvp season in 2016

    Escocivo 30

    To bad it’s overshadowed by everything that went wrong with the Raiders in 2017/2018. Losing a talented team and the confidence they built for him

    Hawaii Ball Express

    Escocivo 30 And AB leaving doesn’t help either since he only has Tyrell Williams. If only Carr has the patriots protection then Carr would definitely have another MVP run. People don’t see how good Carr is even WITHOUT the protection


    @Hawaii Ball Express he hasn’t really been the same since his injury

    Jesse Barcenas

    Nah Raider fans know, he hasn’t looked the same since that injury in 2016, not saying it’s good or bad it’s hard to tell with the lack of talent on the offense, but his style of play is completely different now

Andrew Kyle

Derek Carr finally looking like a Grudan Grinder

Escocivo 30

I’m liking this new and improved Raiders!

Leonel Gutierrez

Where the fake fans at?

    some guy on the internet

    Hey wts up… after we lost to Minnesota I thought that was it but now after beating the Colts I feel like we can go all the way😂


Carr played well today! Waller is a beast. Give it up for Foster too!


Derek carr haters were y’all at 👀

Jesse baldwin

this buds for you

Tou Cha

That’s my QB people!! Raider nation!

Rickytang 94

Derek Carr would of had better stats but wr drop some passes

Sucker Punch

Max Cosby balled


For real though when Carr gets protection his throws are even to those of Drew Brees, ya’ll remember week 1 when he actually out dueled him in the dome? if Raiders get it together they can go 9-7 or even 10-6 imo.

    Papa Juncie

    Come on now, this man ain’t even in the same stratosphere as Drew…


    That was before his injury though and when black jack del Rio was taking a lot of gambles that worked

    Undea Khann

    That’s when he was in stable system. Then they got rid of Mustgrave and the new OC…well he got fired after one year.


… Indianapolis felt the cold Autumn wind

Mr. D

Keelan Doss with the catch tho 🔥🔥🔥



Hawaiian Raider

Good game Carr, let’s repeat that performance in London! #raidernation #justwinbaby


Looks like things worked out. Reverse from under center only if its a run before ball is snapped.


Just Imagine if Carr’s stud wide receiver hadn’t been cut 1 week before the season started!

    Donavon Howard

    That did hurt a lot. We all thought the Raiders had a great receiving core, and one of the best until Brown lost his mind. It sucks, and it could have been great. They will probably get a new number 1 receiver in the next draft hopefully.


🚗 had the killer look in the 1st QT he just needs to be consistent on that and minimize the rookie mistakes.

Lost Under the Sky

can you imagine if raiders had AB. if i was the raiders, just let AB do his stuff, let him actlike a clown, let him do this thing. just as long as he shows up on gameday. but derek carr isn’t the type of qb to throw the big numbers. he’s like a 150 yard per game qb who throws a lot of short passes for 4-5 yards, that’s why his passing % is high. but very inaccurate and ineffecient for long passes.

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