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Derek Barnett’s Forced Fumble Leads to Jordan Howard TD

Derek Barnett strips Aaron Rodgers of the ball to set up Jordan Howard for pay dirt. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 4 of the 2019 NFL season.

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freddy and foxy Reply

Nice play by the eagles #flyeaglesfly

Team Jesus Reply

Then Aaron Rodgers goes down the field in 58 seconds and throws a TD pass. Nicely done

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Christine Culpepper 😂😂💯

    V K Reply

    IN DEPTH DRIVE RECAP Aaron Rodgers throws the ball on the ground every single time which slows the clock, then gets one big play and then scores a TD when the eagles d wasn’t ready

    MVP Material Reply

    With a nicely L

    Danang Dwiatma Reply

    And throw a nice INT to end the game

    Jared Reply

Alexander Carr Reply

Bears fans: *is happy when Rodgers fumbles the ball*
Fantasy team who has Rodgers: *Insert Reeee meme*

    Xander Beck Reply

    I have rodgers

    Feels bad

    Elektra Sparks Reply

    I have Rodgers on my fantasy too :p

Blasta231 Reply

Grass is green, trees provide oxygen, and the Packers defense can’t defend against the run.

    Mark Edwards Pezenosky Reply

    And damn stubborn coach will not give Jordan Howard the ball 7.3 per rush in the first quarter

    Mark Edwards Pezenosky Reply

    Eagles secondary still terrible get j Ramsey…trash Darby

    Blasta231 Reply

    @The Professor I’m not sure how that would. I’m just making a statement from what I saw here.

    Blasta231 Reply

    @Thomas Urech Probably. If Dalvin Cook and Philip Lindsay ran all over Green Bay, Zeke should only have to jog.

    Jared Reply

Jfal23 Reply

Packers defense overrated as hell lmao i thought they only allow 11 points a game? smh

    DeShonn B. Reply

    @Mad Max but the crazy thing about this already knows something bs fishy was going happen at the end of this game anywhere lol this game was a back and force shootout game for rating Thursday prime time and a bs playwas going to happen at the end already know it how can you people can’t see the fixed in these game

    Cortez Reply

    @DeShonn B. Bruh just quit your bitching and watch something else

    Jared Reply

    neetrab Reply

    @DeShonn B. sure buddy. Why the heck would they make a rigged play at the very end of the game for ratings??? Game is over by then. That would be the dumbest idea known to man.

Eric Lee Reply

0:40 can we all just appreciate the referee for catching the ball one handed

    U done messed up A-Aron Reply

    Eric Lee give him a contract

    Muhammad Barokah Reply

    OBJ : I see you’re a man of culture

    Jared Reply

    Norman VanScoy Reply

    Better hands than Agholor

IanDaGr8tNight619 Reply

That was an obvious P.I. Seriously man, I think kids can officiate games better than these Refs.

    David Wales Reply

    Sports betting is legal now officials worse than ever. Obviously intentional

    IanDaGr8tNight619 Reply

    @David Wales Haha right?

    Harvey Too Fresh Reply


StormingCobra55 Reply

Barnett shouldn’t have been able to make that play. Should’ve been ejected.

Henry Jacobsen Reply

I STARTED him in fantasy. LFG

David Wales Reply

Hear we go again another eagles possesion lets watch them walk in unopposed by the heartless loosers on GB defence. Now offence losing heart

David Wales Reply

Rodgers is a super hero. He should be awarded a cape.

gil chavez Reply

Howard ran the 40 in 120 seconds. Mofucker is slow, but TY for the touchdown!

Elektra Sparks Reply

I’m gonna patiently wait until it goes over time or the Packers lose. Boring

FakeUser NameTwo Reply

Players in this game out there dieing!

Mark Edwards Pezenosky Reply

I been saying to. Run Jordan Howard…lets see more Jordan Howard 20carries

FrostyTundra Reply

Good Game I’m a packers fan I can’t get mad at this game we’ve learned a lot this game and will recover and fix it up for the cowboys I hope the best for all the players who got injured this game ♥️GG GO PACK GO

*Crystal Spirit Wolf* Reply


Dimitris Tsiligiannis Reply

Rodgers took that L. Stats might be nice regarding yards but his two turnovers and his 1yd line failures to get a TD cost them this game. He also should have been picked earlier in the game but the guy from Philly dropped it.

Bob De Viking King Reply

Can we all agree this game was a sham because the eagles can tackle players and only have it called pass interference 1/10 times

SmithN' Wesson Reply

Barnett is becoming a legit beast. If we had Malik and Jernigan back we would be lethal

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