Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders | Week 1 Game Preview | Move the Sticks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Teal Town

When you see these videos, football is back !!!!

    Jags Nation


    Curtis 23

    @Jags Nation yeaaah!!!!!

    Makaveli Raider

    Yeah man it feels good I’m really pumped

    Krank 90s


plumb Twisted

Give me the Raiders..

Nehemiah Howard

If we dont win this maannn


    There’s always the rest of the season, but i understand, every team wants to start off with a dub – especially a divisional game.

    Nehemiah Howard

    @vtown7o7 Divisional rivalry even

    Nick H

    You a broncos fan? I guess lol. It’s just weird I see Golden State, Sharks and then broncos lol

James Cosby

“Omaha”…..Go BIG D.!!

    Gaming Fabian

    James Cosby big D is Dallas

    James Cosby

    @Gaming Fabian : Kinda like the windy city is Chicago right? My apologies.

Butch Davis

I’mma be obnoxious on these videos all damn year

Gilbert Guzman

So i guess cause what we did last year moves on to this year huh….foney analyst they talk last year a bunch of crap 💩 guess they are gonna talk more crap this year


That stupid graphic at the bottom of the screen blocks a lot of the picture.

Arkham _Raider

See you at the home opener Raider Nation, Let’s kick off the season with a W! RN4L.

    Julian Ramos

    GL I’m really hoping my broncos win just hope it’s fun to watch


    hell yeah Raider Nation


    Zachaeus Martinez Broncos trash we got a series split and the other time you beat us was by one point. Flacco is garbage y’all not no QB. OL is trash.

    Don Cuyson

    Seriously excited, never got a chance to go to a Raiders game, and I’m going to this one

    Jerome Schulze

    Aint ab.. Raiders are garbage

Sebastian Vasquez

The people of U.S what think about if i’m from Colombia and me want play americano football .

Uso Penitentiary

Raiders offense has definitely improved but so has Denver’s defense. Idk how well the Raiders defense will actually play this season, same as the Broncos’ offense. Game will be closer than a lot of people think it will be.

    Kosta Tsouroupakis

    I think the Broncos Off has improved more than the raiders D, they signed James and Drafted Fant and Risner. I see sutton making bigger strides and Linsday being a quick slasher. Flacco has a lot to prove and the off fits with the prime years he had.

    i love myself not

    I think the raiders improved way better wr’s, better qb derek has a very good accurcay when its deep.Defense we have abram, conley, and joseph, and Burflict who has developed this off season


    Kosta Tsouroupakis idk raiders improved on all assets on defense from last year and dramatically improved their offense

    Quincy Sloan

    @Kosta Tsouroupakis Based on what, though? We barely saw the first team defense in action during the preseason. What we did see, didn’t allow one successful screen pass, and for the most part shut down the run.

jordan escobedo

These guys are idiots esp when they Base they opinions off last year’s rosters when it’s no where near the same

    Shmoney D.

    jordan escobedo thats all they can do

    Casey Canez


    max salazar

    That’s crazy because that was what I was thinking the whole time I was watching, I was like dude that was straight last season

    jordan escobedo

    max salazar it’s dumb

    splash gordon

    And we beat the shyt outta them at the end of last season

Elvin Vargas

Knock on wood if ya with me👁☠☠☠

    Krank 90s

    Elvin Vargas 😵


    @Krank 90s raiders get the dub

That dude Joe

This one is a tough one.

Josh Jones

How all sports networks do analysis: “Let’s compare last year’s teams and stats to this year’s teams and pick the Patriots to win the super bowl.” 😂


Let’s goooooo #RaiderNation RISE

TreyJames 19

Since this is the last home opener for the Raiders in Oakland i say Oakland wins this 21-13 based off motivation and wanting to beat a hated rival at home

eph elle

Broncos are favored, we’ll see.

Gunade Yuh Dead

RN4L I’m so hyped , I know it’s gonna be a start to something great

freddy zamaripa

I love the hate! It fuels me like Darth Raider…. yes hate i feel the hate and it makes me stronger!!

Leonel Pelayo

Want my Broncos to win but never easy with the Raiders so who knows🤷‍♂️ gonna be a good game though💯

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