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yackama jones

Aaron is mad from all the injuries. He is going all the way with the improved weapons he has and much improved defense. Go Pack Go.

    Jay Walker

    @Jack McCoy plenty or a couple

    Jack McCoy

    @Jay Walker enough to understand he’s a legit weapon. I mean just look at the catch where he ended up on dudes back and got took out of bounds. How many people make that catch?

    Jay Walker

    @Jack McCoy I’m not saying he isn’t good or didn’t make some plays but Arod needs more help other than Jones and Adams as you in the first 2 but Im rooting for Kumerow as the third receiver

    Jake Boldt

    Gentlemen you both are right. MVS is good but he’s more of a developing player. And that was an awesome catch! Rodgers has had better offensive weapons in the past but this might be his best defense. Which will act as a weapon. Allows the run game to develop and helps start with better field position!

    Go pack go!


    @RepublicOfKorea55 Jaire Alexander, Kevin King, Blake Martinez.. yeah YOU’RE smoking somethin

Jesus The Huncho

Packers 24
Broncos 20

    B Stay Juggin

    Jesus The Huncho you’re crazy if you think Denver is putting up 20 points on this defense especially at lambeau field 😂

    Keelin Morris

    B Stay Juggin facts

Escocivo 30

Packers are the better team
Broncos 16
Packers 31

    Tim H

    marginally…but not by that score

    ray ray

    Packers are not gonna score that high

    Tyron Wells

    @ray ray yes they will they get better every week

    ray ray

    @Tyron Wells didn’t say they were gonna lose but there not gonna score that high

    Real Cheesy

    @ray ray it would make sense for them to score 4 tds this game

zmon 8426

Packers win 27-10


    zmon 8426 I like how ur a Vikings fan and ur saying packs gonna win! Respect

Doc Brown

Broncos 13
Packers 24

Oliver Seed

Packers take it 34-13, if the Broncos are lucky. The Packers have not only a far superior offense, but also a superior defense. It won’t be at all close.

    ray ray

    Yeah packers aren’t gonna score that high

    The Dark Knight

    ray ray
    Your overconfidence is your weakness.

    ray ray

    @The Dark Knight I didn’t say there gonna win I’m saying that to high of a score lol


    @ray ray Agreed, I don’t see us winning this game but, I don’t see the packers scoring that high.


Easy win for Green Bay at home packers 28 broncos 10

    antione english

    No win is easy… We know packers tend to underestimate teams and get in the mouth.. that’s why once a yr we tend to lose to all the worst teams in the league during that season lol


    @antione english but you also gotta see thier playing at home and have an improved defense and chubb and miller havent had one sack yet

Kingz of the North

It’s gonna be nice starting the season at 3-0. Go Pack Go!

    Javier Duran

    @SPAZ5OUT do you forget we scored more on the bears D than you guys, plus yeah your O line sucks, so if von or chub decide to do something game is very much in the air

    Rahww Gebrai

    Boc Ronfield

    @Javier DuranYour team literally has no identity and besides Sanders your WR core is mediocre at best. Denver has never won at Lambeau before either and I wouldn’t count on Flacco who’s looked super uncomfortable in that offense so far to change that. 0-3 buddy. Not even hating on the Broncos but it is what it is.

    Javier Duran

    Boc Ronfield yeah i agree, our wr core is not as good as it used to but its filled with young talent, what i dont agree on is on flacco looking uncomfortable, the guy looks like the best qb weve had since manning, holding calls and dropped passes are whats taking 20 points off our games not flacco

Jonathan Palmerin

Go pack go 👍👍👍👍👍🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

S2K_ Blitz

Dude Kirk isn’t good with the Vikings he was way better in Washington also Flacco hasn’t proven that he can still play yes 2 late TD drives so what there’s no point if u end up losing

Aidan Shuda

Everyone mentions Dalvin Cook’s YPC. Without the 75 yard run his YPC is 3.95. The Packers did a pretty good job at stopping him other than the one faulty play they let slip.

    Jake Boldt

    Aidan Shuda I believe it’s 4.12 ypc but I totally agree with you.

    So far Lindsay hasn’t had a big game this year and I think we can hold him to under 4 YPC!

    Take care fellow packer backer, have a nice Sunday.

    Pedro Martinez

    Good point

Steve Abitante

Don’t Sleep on Denver Even Though I Assume that GB will win this home game 23-10

    Jason D

    Uhhh so what does that mean?

Extinct Gamingz

Packers 31-13 over Broncos

Packers showed what their offense is capable of last week in the first quarter. I hope they are consistent unlike last week. Darnell savage will get his first career int and Jaire Alexander will have a pick.

    Extinct Gamingz

    Jake Boldt hell yeah man!

    Extinct Gamingz

    Jake Boldt I like Jaire’s swagger and confidence. Not taking anything away from Denzel but Jaire has the tools to be a ALL-PRO Corner.

    Jake Boldt

    Extinct Gamingz I don’t buy jerseys but I’ve been thinking about getting an Alexander jersey. I like the guy that much!

    Probably helps that we haven’t had a good corner since the Harris/Woodson combo and I’m not sure if we’ve drafted a good corner in my lifetime. Terrell Buckley is who I used to think of when I thought about Green Bay first round corner. That can finally be wiped from my brain. Haha

    Extinct Gamingz

    Jake Boldt I’m thinking about getting a Alexander jersey also. Love that kid man!

Willis Dicfit

I have it 45-14 Packers

Enrique I

Packers need to be focus and keep playing like they have that’s it. Go pack go!

James Barlow

“Green Bay never had an answer for Delvin Cook.” What bs! Except for that 75 yard td run Cook was held to less than 4 yards a carry!


no chance of winning there…should prepare for 2020draft class

Stephanoe Wilks

We About To Wipe The Floor With Denver……Packers – 38 Broncos – 17

Jason D

Packers 27-20 with Denver kicking a field goal late, so it’s not even super close

Walter Diaz

Dam 10 & 13 points?! People are starting to respect our defense! Hopefully they keep them below 10 points.

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