Dennis Allen on Roster ahead of TNF vs. Cardinals | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dennis Allen on Roster ahead of TNF vs. Cardinals | New Orleans Saints

head coach post-practice interview on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022 ahead of the ' Week 7 game against the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football during the 2022 NFL season.
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Rj Cantu

I don’t think Landry is hurt

    colin crow

    Neither is Mt there being babies

Forever Absolute

Wait till game time lmao May be a Taysom siting

dbsti 300

Sure. Just be sure to sit Taysom out as much as you can. That guy named Rashid Shahid, don’t give him any shots. Be sure to put injured Jameis back in and continue to say nothing while other teams are taking the good backups from the practice squad. Can’t wait to see what the genius Dennis Allen has in store for next game.

    Tyler Hatch

    Lol your comment makes me sad but is soo true

    J Harris

    You must’ve seen my Facebook posts! Lol!!! Him and Carmichael need to go.

    dbsti 300

    @J Harris I’m just disappointed is all. Lol. Gotta vent what I honestly believe.

Forever Absolute

Saints Media still cant afford mics, its tragic


Where the heck is Kirk Merritt?? Why is Kirkwood and kevin white getting elevated before him? 🤔🤔


Love that these are provided but it is aggravating that you can’t hear the questions. Really hope we get a W on Thursday. Huge loss that Lattimore isn’t playing – Rob was AWFUL – missed tackles over & over & over

Dwayne Harris

These media folks are not asking the tough questions

Walk 4 Jesus International Disciple Revival

This season has shown me how useless talent is without coaching.


    True. Also the team and mainly defense has no camaraderie or cohesion. No swag or attitude on this team. Just a bunch of individual contractors. Big names mean nothing if they don’t play as a team and for each other. Sean was better at finding folks who fit in with the locker room.

    J Harris

    Very well-put!!!

Kenneth Fox

Stop the presses. Michael Thomas out again. He’s going to retire on IR


Anyone able to tell me if anyone said what’s wrong with lattimore? I saw when he was hurt, but don’t know what’s wrong that he’s still out?


    Had a receiver’s elbow go into his ribs trying to help with a tackle during the Seattle game.


Wow!!! This guy is an excuse maker!!! Smh


This team and defense lack the swag and attitude it used to have that made it a great unit without all the big names. They need to bring back the “Dog” mentality to be physical on each play and not so passive. Kwon,Jenkins,Marcus and CJGJ were a bigger loss than I thought they’d be. Tyrann is our new Jarius Byrd which hurts to say. He wouldn’t be on the team with how he play if not for his name and contract.

    Marcus Dddd

    There passive like there head coach


We’re going to have to feed Olave and Shaheed to stay competitive. Those are two 💎💎!

    Jay Chaisson

    Yes olave and shaheed they young and fast we need them to shine

timothy naquin

Y’all need to get a boom over the press pit. It’s hard to hear the questions


0:51 idk the reporter sniffled or sneezed but bless you anyways❤


DA must go!

Daily Brew Garage

Hearing DAs vanilla answers is bad enough, not having the context of hearing the question makes this interview completely worthless.

jyron brown

We should’ve never traded ceedy the defense doesn’t have that fire and passion to it nomore it seems

Ace T.V

This man sounds and looks defeated that’s how the team will play


    The man sounds and looks defeated because that’s how the team chooses to play. Some of them only care about getting paid. Learned that from watching Deon Sanders interview. Family has to back off also when they’re getting ready to play. Go on the road, leave them home.

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