Demaryius Thomas Press Conference (9/12) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Josiah McCallister

Test him for Mono

    red star

    Josiah McCallister 😂

    Jorge Villanueva


    Illuminati 187

    I’m still pissed but that’s pretty funny


    @Josiah McCallister
    That’s way harsh

    Josiah McCallister

    djbasquiat I’m kidding. Tbh got it from Rich Eisen. He went full blown pissed Jets fan today

Dark Demonik


Bill Louis

I hope he helps make this offense more aggressive.

Bear 7453

“It’s coming back quick” I hope that’s true ! We need all the help we can get especially with our receivers ! Take pressure off Robby so he doesn’t have to be the #1.


I was actually sad he left denver really cool guy wish him all the luck

clash man

This guy is going to be huge for us, maybe not with stats but with leadership, being a former top Receiver, knows the offense & can make most catches on any 1. All those little intangibles DT will bring to the Receiver group, plus he can help Sam with little things that Peyton used to do during the game or what have you. But i do hope he at least balls out every time we play the PATS in the coming near future. Hopefully he can teach Robby how to be a top receiver in the league moving forward too!


Cool dude. Reminds me of the old Motown guys.

Messsy Eats

Where can I buy that sweatshirt ?that he has on is nice

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