Demaryius Thomas: “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the end zone” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Cris EX

DT looked good out there tonight.

James Curtis

First four games will be like pre-season for DT, JG, & JE. They will get better as the season goes on.

Bacon Le Skiiwalker

Used to hate him and the Broncos. Oh how times have changed


    Amen to that, still hate the donkeys but like Thomas now…LOL!

Chance Mickles

It’s refreshing not seeing him in a Broncos uniform.


Hopefully a big target for Brady.. another Randy Moss or Wes welker combo.


    There will never be another Randy Moss stop saying that

    Tom Brady

    @MusicthatsStrange never now

Dean Worley

Broncos fan here… as much as it hurts to see DT in a Pats uniform, in happy to see him doing well and wish him and the team the best… just not against us.

    Peter Karel Kraus

    Josh spent some time in the Rocky Mountain Way… Then came back to WINNING .


    NICE! Good luck to you guys too this season.

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

Demaryius Thomas
Josh Gordon
Julian Edelman
N’Keal Harry
Philip Dorsett
Jacobi Meyers.

There you have it folks. I think they’re gonna carry only 6 WRs.


    They’ve usually only gone with five so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    Vadim WhiteWolf

    I say take out jacoby and put slater for special teams

    JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    @frank burn slader doesn’t really count as a wide receiver even though technically He’s listed under the wide receiver position they keep him regardless how many wide receivers they have just cuz of how good he is on special teams

    Julien Defrent

    Just imagine these 6 + GRONK

QuickDraw McGraw!

DT is a beast. I didnt know much about him before this video but I can tell that he’s going to be a big part of the team this season

Peter Karel Kraus

Josh and Demaryius know each other already. Nothing to see here, other than TOUCHDOWNS

Boss Ace22

Knew he was a great player and now that he’s healthy I look forward to this season even more best receiving corps in the league right now Thomas Edelman Gordon Harry Plus he seems like a good guy he will fit in here Let’s go Pats!!!

Turrell Ford

Man o man him Gordan Edelman this season finna be fun pats nation onto Pittsburgh

Charly Gr. v.L.

Demaryius, enjoy your time in NE. This season = It is your time.


Our WR group is the best its ever been outside the Moss/Welker years

Jeremy Hurley

I like him I hope he does really good this year


Dude is a Patriots player .
If we wasn’t a winning team we would’ve draft him.
Big body wr fast strong

Eric Wiitala

Is it me or does he sound similar to Troy Brown?


Dude, you looked like you did when you were playing with Peyton.

Danny Woo

Didn’t this guy used to play with Peyton Manning?

Fred Thompson

“DT, he’s my best friend” Hightower.

Larry Simon

I’m thinking a undefeated season for Pat’s this year we are looking high powered as hell on Offense

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