Demario Davis Postgame Reactions After Saints-Rams in Week 2 | 2019 NFL | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Demario Davis Postgame Reactions After Saints-Rams in Week 2 | 2019 NFL | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis talks to the media postgame following the New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams 2019 NFL Week 2 matchup.
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Antonio Smith Reply

This wack man

Ru sh Reply

Dang man can we catch a break or what? Should have had a touchdown there.

    Javi V Reply

    Don’t matter still would’ve lost

Osrsmaster1267 Joseph Reply

Cause we had teddy in man.. can’t believe drew got hurt and plus the rams cheated again we should of had a td

    Ru sh Reply

    @Javi V Shut the hell up 3 points. Imagine getting carried by the refs.

    andrew hager Reply

    @Ru sh Agreed and I will add this.
    The rams didn’t play that well and I believe would have lost if Brees hadn’t gotten hurt.
    Just like we woulda won last year had the refs not effed us outta Sb.
    And we would have done what the rams could not.
    Beat those blasteded patriots who have been pampered by their easy division

    Ru sh Reply

    @andrew hager Don’t worry andrew I think we can survive this stretch. I think we can beat Seattle but we’ll lose to Dallas but the against the other 4 teams we should be able to win. Plus Falcons almost choked again, Bucs have a garbage offense, and I have no idea about the panthers.

    andrew hager Reply

    @Ru sh Yeah those are winable and in reference to the panthers it’s hit or miss w/o brees but that being said..
    Cam Jordon and Cam Newton don’t like eachother And! Newton is a Jordon Magnet lol

andrew hager Reply

That game was effed up.
It was painful to watch.
Please tell me Drew is okay.
God Bless you guys stay humble stay focused your’ fans will ride with you win or lose we with you!

    Gundam1313 Yjshuao Reply

    Out for 6 to 8 weeks

    andrew hager Reply

    @Gundam1313 Yjshuao Damn really ?

Parker Gabriel Reply

Where do the Saints play the refs next?

    v3rtiic4L Reply

    9 points for your offense is not gunna cut it when the d gives up 27. Saints fans really hate to admit if they get out played.

    andrew hager Reply

    @v3rtiic4L I can admit d had issues but the refs are hard on them .
    I used to not believe it but I have found some weight to the claim.

    Enoch Zoldyck Reply

    Every week except 9 lol



Damon Walls Reply

The Rams have bottles full of Saint tears at this point.

Trill•Good•Life Reply

We can count the tackles our defense had this game that’s a shame

Joel387 suzuki Reply

unbelievable this keeps happening to us

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