Demario Davis on His NFL Journey After Week 5 Win vs Bucs | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Demario Davis on His NFL Journey After Week 5 Win vs Bucs | New Orleans Saints Football

linebacker following a Week 5 win during the 2019 NFL season.
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Jay L

My wife and I saw you with the Kamehameha – had us joining in with you here over the pond! #WhoDat

    SaucyX4 β€’

    Jay L yooooo I seen that I thought I was tripping lmao my guy on the field feeling like GOKUUU!!

    Brian Scates

    Vegeta because he’s a straight badass


    I had to rewind to hear that again.Β  I was like “did he say “Kamehameha”?Β  NOLA transplant to Hawaii for 21yrs now.Β  I know who Kamehameha is, but never knew Dragon Ball Z had a move named that too.Β  Never watched DBZ. πŸ™‚Β  Anyways… Keep up the good work “DD”.Β  May the Mana always be with you.Β  Aloha!!

SaucyX4 β€’

NFL fined him for the headband for wearing it against the Seahawks smh

    tania canda

    SaucyX4 β€’ wow! Smh. I love that headband.

    SaucyX4 β€’

    tania canda ikr at the end of the day God is most important he’s the reason for all of this even being possible.mplus the gold one he got fined for really went nicely with the color rush unis my boy was drippy! πŸ’§

    tania canda

    SaucyX4 β€’ exactly! Man isn’t our God! Just like the bs they tried to pull with Drew Brees on national bible day. We already know what it is.

Who Dat Nation

Man Of God… God is good all the time.. πŸ™

Darite 1

Man of God is needed. Much love brother.


This dude’s a straight assasin.

Sgt Boss Hog

My #1 linebacker Who Dat

Mike Voss

DD is one of a kind and an eternal Saint now!! We love you wrecking ball!!

    Beautiful Mindfulness

    He was a sure steal in that FA can’t believe we got him

Justin Lively

I like this man nothing but respect. Hope he keeps killing it

Neil Zimmerman

Great representation of the WHODAT nation!!!!! LETS GEAUXXXXX

Duran Harris



What an astounding young man. Once a Saint, always a Saint. You will always have a place in our hearts DD. Oh and “Man of God”, you walk that walk man.

ej s

Key words…”Gave my life to Christ” ❀

    Jennifer Alford

    Right god could be anyone or anything but God the FATHER the supreme being the Godgead of the trinity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost is another thing!we hope it’s the God


    ej s I love that he clearly stated who he gave his life too, it did my heart well. Glory hallelujah πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Derick Lewis

Because father Davis said so!! If Drew is the dad on offense, Davis has definitely become the daddy on defense along with Big uncle Cam. That defense is becoming big meche

Chosen Saint

What a great player and leader. Love how he reppin the headband proud even after that bs fine. So happy for teddy and really proud of this team. WHO DAT

ronald Last

This dude will knock a snot bubble out of you in the words of Bobby Herbert


This was a great interview.. He’s come a long way.. Still more Blessings to come… Who Dat!! God Bless…


I really like this dude! He is truly the leader of this defense

Randall Sentell

He changed the saints defense if it wasn’t for Davis they wouldn’t be as great as we are

Aaron Harper

I love Demario and that dragonball chi had me through the roof

Schuyler Pena

Give this man his respect one of the best in the game

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