DeMarcus Lawrence: Three Unacceptable Losses | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Mase SZN Reply

I hate to say it but demar isn’t playing like is contract Robert Quinn is doing better and is making WAYYYYY less then demar I love tank but this is UNACCEPTABLE

    Logan_TheGreat Reply

    Bro I highly agree we got to fix this

Shane B. Reply

The $100 Million man. Nice 2 tackles and 2.5 sacks on the year.

Yay Hot Boyz…. 🙄.

    wayne glenn Reply

    How much is guaranteed thou

    Roberto Torres Reply

    65 million

Bryan Reply

Hey Demarcus. You have more losses than sacks I think. Well done, you robbed the Cowboys out of cap space

Secanes02 Reply

D. LAWRENCE tackles thru 6 games. 5 tackles and 4 assisted tackles. I can understand you might not get a lot of sacks. But basically 1 tackle a game is horrible

Lynette Lee Reply

Well do something then Lawerance because yall looking real high school. Yall real need help.

Ironclad Soldier Reply

Where the hell have you been at this year bro?

Ohsaint p Reply

Who the hell is that? He looks like D Law but plays like a little girl.

Henry Hill Reply

This guy is a bum .

Henry Hill Reply

D law where is your hot Boyz gear?

Michael Brown Reply

D Law has been MIA

rrcbrunson Reply

I had concerns about this man before the contract because he’s very inconsistent!!!

The Ghost With The Most Reply

He doesn’t even care anymore. All that money made him soft and weak.

Chase McBrien Reply

They didn’t beat themselves. It was very clear that the Saints, Packers and Jets were and are better teams than the Cowboys.

Media and Jerry marketing hype Cowboys up every year and fans fall for the bait. Cowboys just another mediocre team. They aren’t dominant and they are totally sorry, just mediocre.

Dc214 Reply

Straight robbed us this man has been a no show and I’m going to say this again HE’S OVERRATED this Mf had 1 good season 🤦🏽‍♂️

Player One Reply

Noshow if i aint known any better i wouldve thought hes been traded havent even heard his name called by game commentators absolute no show

strange1ization Reply

Stop acting this way when you get interviewed. Time for you to get to work and sack some QB’s. You took a big chunk of the pie. I’m starting to feel you and Zeke finessed Jerry.

odessa texas Reply

Damn I haven’t seen this guy all season since he stole that money from jerry

mrmoss Reply


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