DeMarcus Lawrence: This Ain’t Rocket Science | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Albert Paiz Reply

Before people say “if we play like this against ?” just remember these guys get bored too

    Ernesto james Reply

    Albert Paiz doesn’t look like the patriots get bored!

    Mr. Pop Culture Reply


    Albert Paiz Reply

    @Ernesto james that’s fine but we also don’t have the Jets, Dolphins and Bills on our schedule year in and year out

Khalil Ali Reply

Wow the voice doesn’t match the face or body

Mr. Pop Culture Reply

This dude is nothing but talk with no action, all he do is talk gangster but play like a nerd.
We should’ve traded him for picks or a safety. Then gave that 100 million towards Dak, Coop and Byron Jones.

    Kinglionz1982 Reply

    He’s not fully healthy yet

    Silver Time Reply

    We need every good piece of dline can we get, more pass rush the better

    Chase Dyer Reply

    do you know who this is?

Alex T. Reply

He got paid so why should he put out. This is why the Patriots trade players. This is why the JONES’S don’t wanna give out big contracts

dylan gideon Reply

Babe behind him is bad af

    Chop Chop Reply

    dylan gideon her name is Ambar Garcia

Kevin Beard Reply

Ima need the hot boyz to heat up really soon…need everybody to turn up a few notches….good to see you and Quinn get after the QB some…Let’s Go Cowboys!!!

Cathy Leatherman Reply

This guy is really a tank … watch out while he rolls over you !

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