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aaron rogers

He gets covered pretty well now. we need other other guys to make a difference too not just him Cowboys Nation!!!!!


Him and Elliot chillin since they got that dough.

    Richard Coleman


    michael sterling

    He’s been double teamed more than any other Dlineman this year. His stats don’t show it but he’s invaluable to this defense. He draws an extra blocker nearly every play. Go watch the tape.

    M Jr

    @michael sterling Excuses… excuses
    I’m pretty sure Donald and Watt get double teamed more than Lawrence and they still produce.

    michael sterling

    @M Jr It’s literally a fact that they Don’t. You know we keep stats right? Also, you must not know much about football if you think being constantly double teamed doesn’t matter.

    Vzp1946 Vzp1946

    Damn DLaw y’all got paid now do your job so that Dak can get his!
    Y’all keep taking the L is effecting Dak’s dough!
    Come on Man

Bill Bates

This dude is barely a member of the team at this point.

    Greg Holland

    You said that right

Izak H

I hope he steps his game up. We need him. I feel like quinn has been doing more than d-law. Let’s go defense get it together.

    Izak H

    @Horace Ward He isn’t double teamed the whole game. There is no denying his production has declined this year.

    Manuel Saavedra

    We need more turnovers and that pass rush need more sacks!!!!!


    Izak H he also hurt though right?


    They are missing Irvin and Gregory

    Ghana Serapis

    @Izak H go to Voch Lombardi game film. He is doubled on every play to his side. Every play. That’s why Quinn is eating. We need another Big Cat Lett with about 10 more IQ points, swap Lewis for Brown, boot Heath with the rookie and the defense becomes solidified.


Basic fundamentals! Cowboynation!!!

jeremy x

Hot Boyz
Purge Squad

Looking more like a HOTT MESS right about now

Earn the right to swagg is correct
Now doit

DLaw gets doubled
Someone else automatically free to eat

Time to shine Cowboys

Mr. Pop Culture

Dude is nothing but talk.

Snoop Brown

Tank a MESS!!!

    Bruce Banner

    To arrogant


Is that D-Law? He’s been MIA.

Nolan Walls

men gone get that lol

Nolan Walls

come on dude u got payed we need u

Ed Grabowski

New name for the defense. Soft boys up front. Prove me wrong. Play with some heart.

Paul Castillo

Hell yea let’s get it

Kras 4

Honestly hadn’t really heard DeMarcus name called a whole lot over the last 2 weeks. Gotta do better off the edge. Robert Quinn is getting it done.

Jonathan Isom

They have been double and triple teaming DLaw, the other linemen(except Quin)need to step up because the defense is soft in the middle. Put Sean lee back in the middle, and Jaylon back on the outside (to better utilize his speed.) Lee’s got some juice left, plus tons of experience dissecting opposing defenses. The Wolf Hunter? Leave as is.

Frankie Clayton

If that defense don’t play to a high standards you will continue to hear fan’s complain t.v. shows networks talk bad terrible about

Oh Jay!!! The Juice Man

Take a shot on every “Umm…”
you’ll be drunk AF before the two minute markπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Juan Hernandez

How bout you and Ezekiel cut that hair and show up!!!! You got paid so less talk more action

Moon Boy

can someone ask him why he barely plays w 20% the energy had he last year

Steve D

This guy still plays?

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