Demarcus Lawrence: I’m Not Satisfied | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Demarcus Lawrence: I’m Not Satisfied | Dallas Cowboys 2019

DE DeMarcus Lawrence talks about how he isn't satisfied with his performance, following a sack, forced fumble and recovery of Eli Manning in the 35-17 win over the New York Giants.

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Jfal23 Reply

Im glad he does not feel satisfied because i feel the same way! Maybe it was just rust or something but Clean up that defense please 🙏🏻👀

    Reset Button Reply

    As a competitor you can never be satisfied. It leads to being content. Being content prevents you from being better.

    Maverick Cater Reply

    Jfal23 think about week one fatigue to

Dano896 Reply


Malila Miranda Reply

this is why i love d-law . always working on getting better . cowboy nation !

LoneStar Punishers Reply

Yes definitely to many easy runs on big holes….but gotta give the G men credit…Barkley is a beast but damn too many open runs….and lot of up the middle throws….first game tho good win

    Jesse Sherman Reply

    LoneStar Punishers if you take away his 50 yd run he only had 60 yds rushing on 10 attempts I mean lol 😂 not much better but I mean it’s Barkley

Nyork Murfitt Reply

Yea they ain’t do the job he’s rite get it together dam it

Lava LifeGuard Reply

Hot Boyz running cold today

Fernando Martinez Reply

Thank you D-Law! I wasn’t either.. offense took over tonight.. but when they don’t.. you will.. believe that!

Aisha A Reply

You shouldnt be satisfied DLAW. The defense didnt play up to the level we all know it can reach but the defense held on. It was only the first game and you saw the rust

Linda Easley Reply

During the game highlights , I noticed a missed sack on Eli . Didn’t see who it was but he had his arms about to wrap around #10 but let him complete a pass .
The defense looked rusty . They have to bring it starting week 2

    ReDGeEzErS • Reply

    Linda Easley #92 Dorance Armstrong missed the sack

google must_die Reply

Run defense needs to show up

quincyweaver52 Reply

I’m Glad you didn’t feel satisfied… Zeke better not feel satisfied either…. Payed you and zeke all that money… You better come with it on the defensive side and he better come with the heat on the offensive side … If less touches then he need to make those touches count…. Tank lets get more tackles and sacks and forced fumbles… Go Cowboys

    Mike Artillery Reply

    quincyweaver52 you think they’re reading your comment? But at least you can type! Good job!

    quincyweaver52 Reply

    @Mike Artillery lol

    Andre Lewis Reply

    quincyweaver52 lmao chill bro they had to knock off the rust… especially dlaw coming off a surgery… not use to seeing zeke rush for so little? That’s because he was getting 30 rushes a game last year and he didn’t get half of that this game (workload management) so chill out lol

    quincyweaver52 Reply

    @Andre Lewis I’m just messing around being an aggressive cowboy fan… I know lol… Week 1… They gotta get in groove… Hell i’ll take 35-17

TexasHardhitter Reply

DLaw didn’t really do much yesterday, hopefully things change when Robert Quinn comes back.

    TrevDean Reply

    TexasHardhitter he didn’t play a lot that’s why dawg

NEMoretime Reply

The defense needs to keep reinforcing everybodies assignments. That giants receiver had a wide open catch in the endzone. Not acceptible.

Ffgdfg Gzafcsd Reply

yeah there was a few missed tackles here and there but hey, it’s saquon barkley.

dragon joe Reply

They’ll get better! No worries👌👌

Rage Asylum Reply

When did offset start playing football?

Amalio Perez Reply

He shouldn’t be by the way the “pass rush” was on Sunday

Gary Hester Reply

Cowboy fan born 57 for DeMarcus
To deny a child a autograph is
Just plain wrong and childish!!!
How about less talk and more

Larry Campbell Reply

He shouldn’t be satisfied the way he treated that kid I’m disappointed in him

red-rum Reply

It’s the start, we’re on our way 💯

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