DeMarcus Lawrence: I Know I’m Ready” | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ETC Mob. Reply

I hope Byron Jones is also ready.

    Cow6oysfan21 Reply

    @KennyT-757 that’s definitely a fake profile

    Ryan S Reply

    Kamryn Vanatta bro don’t you have better things to do with your time? Posing as a female and trolling on the internet all day? 😴

    D K Reply

    Chido .. & jourdan …

    Corey Frasnelly Reply

    Cow6oysfan21 didn’t say it wasn’t

Mr. Thrifty Texas Reply



It’s not how good we can be…’s how good WE WILL BE!

    Josh Jeudi Reply

    Asmodeus We beat the Eagles twice what are you talking about kid😂

    Josh Jeudi Reply


    Asmodeus Reply

    Josh Jeudi seeing as the bears only played them once, beating them twice would be impossible, kid. Learn how to read

    Josh Jeudi Reply

    Asmodeus Who was talking about the bears . Now if you got a problem then fix it , that’s why your bears are going 0 – 16 ghaha😂😂

Valerio Reply

That Dr Squatch Soap Co. Advertisement Commercial is Hilarious

j reid Reply

He will be the dline leader for over the next 3years, jaylnn will the linebacker leader for the over the next 3years, now we need a secondary leader and I think woods will be the one if he balls out this year, the guy hasn’t been bad since day day he caught ints since we drafted him

    Ethan Davis Reply

    ummmm byron jones??????

    j reid Reply

    @Ethan Davis who is questionably right now for week 1 but hey we will see

    Daniele Pica Reply

    x woods is good but he aint got that many INTs in his career man. dont know what u talkin bout

Big Nard 27 Reply


Manster 54 Reply

D Law and The Posse are coming for YOU!!!! 💪🤠👊

    A Chicagos Fan Perspective Reply

    Coming for the dregs..

John Nguyen Reply

D Law the GOD

    John Nguyen Reply

    First, he absolutely is a premier end. Defenses scheme for him and he still balls out. Second he and Mack play diff positions so yea, he ain’t no Mack…But who is?

    A Chicagos Fan Perspective Reply

    Lawrence is averaging 6.5 sacks (34 total) vs Mack 10.5 ..(53) both drafted in same year..even in madden hes 99 vs Lawerence weak 89 rating which Lawerence was crying about.. This is foot ball not soccer..

    John Nguyen Reply

    It would be a dumb as dirt bears fan bringing up madden ratings as if they matter 😂

    A Chicagos Fan Perspective Reply

    I did becuase demarcus was crying like a your mom about it

    John Nguyen Reply

    “…like a your mom about it” nice one,
    Madden ratings, now ‘a your mom’s’… you are dumb as dirt! 😂Go back to losing at madden scrub

Michael Buchanan Reply

20.5 sacks this year

    A Chicagos Fan Perspective Reply

    In madden he couldnt get 10

    A Chicagos Fan Perspective Reply

    9 sacks in 2020

    Michael Buchanan Reply

    It’s because your mom was playing madden that’s why she couldn’t get 10 sack

    A Chicagos Fan Perspective Reply

    Typical Cowboy homer….Demarcus in 5 years has 6.5 sacks per year..meanwhile in 5 years Khalil mack has 53 for an average of 10.5. Your grandma hass more sacks than demarcus.

A Chicagos Fan Perspective Reply

Demarcus aint no Kahil Mack..

Justin Quarles Reply

That’s right #90!!!! ✭

    XxCl0ut kiinGxX Reply

    Justin Quarles how u get the Dallas star emoji thing


Sheesh we got both D-Law and the Head Hunter Jaylen signed OOUUUUFFF!!!! This is great man.
D-Law: “the games gonna be harder but D-Law is gonna be harder”

    A Chicagos Fan Perspective Reply

    Jaylon and demarcus were so hard vs Rams in play offs that they and entire defense got run over for 259 yards.

Adam Watson Reply

I smiled the whole time watching this lol

BADNEWZ Da Assassin Reply

Big Dog!!!! Straight Beast

Daniel Lee Reply

Umm. You know? Umm. You know? Umm You know? Umm is all I heard

crazychris7417 Reply

Everybody sleeping on Lewis. Guys a dog! Kris made him mad not playing him bc he’s not long and rangy.

Ricardo Hotboy Reply

Those diamonds dancing! I shoulda put on some sunglasses b4 this video🔥😂

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