Deion Sanders’ Atlanta Story – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Deion Sanders’ Atlanta Story

Between breaks while filming the 2019 Atlanta Falcons Season Kickoff video, Deion Sanders sat down to discuss choosing Atlanta and what makes this city so unique.

#InBrotherhood #AtlantaFalcons #RiseUp #NFL

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Derek Mikulka

I am a big fan

Noe Felix

From the highlights of his career, I wish I got to watch him play. Rise up!

    Kelvin Gilley

    He was ELECTRIFYING!! …and that’s an Understatement.

J Money

Pay Julio!!!!!!!!


    He’s payed now so let’s move on for tomorrow


    We did

    Jay Manning

    @Black_Panda we know he made the comment before it was announced…

Salih Agarevic

Rise up brotherhood let’s goooo. Prime time you are the truth

swag baby

Calvin Ridley

Dustin Albers

Tbh…sound like some BS that some one else wrote.

Jay Manning

Honestly I really don’t care about Sander’s story, he didn’t stay on the Falcons so why should I be excited about his career lol, he was an amazing player so was Brett Farve but…for other teams 😢 btw made this comment without watching the video lol, it was a good video and I definitely respect Sanders just wish he would have stayed

    Jay Manning

    @GhOsT PePpErS I made that comment to without watching the video lol, it was a good video

    GhOsT PePpErS

    @Jay Manning Now… where is Antonio Brown headed too🤔 A few teams come to mind: Patriots, Jags, Redskins maybe?

    Jay Manning

    @GhOsT PePpErS idk AB with Brady would be deadly just like when they had Randy Moss, any team that takes him is taking a huge risk tho, maybe he’ll start acting right now idk tho lol

    bully bully

    Jay Manning he said on the 85 soutg show the real reason atl didnt go to the super while he was there bc they were in magic city all the time

Cody Bowden


Trap Music Enthusiast

1:30-2:03 I felt that

Gary Turbo

Then he left and became a Texan

    Kevin Scott

    Gary Turbo

    GhOsT PePpErS

    Thanks to Rankin Smith.

    Shawn Golmes

    man please he went to 49ers first and he is in the ring of honor in Atlanta he ain’t a Texan fr

ZukoDaPrince Channel

True Legend! 🏈

Malcolm Zone1


Kevin Scott

From Deion Sanders to Deion Jones.
Primetime don’t stop.


I love Atlanta Falcons .I don’t know .im from Canada .But i should like underdog 🤔


    Volve yes sir were gonna be champs this season


    @Shaqtis IS THE TIME .#RiseUp !

    Valentino Babbs

    From Bahamas Falcons for life!! Rise Up!!!!!!

julius jones

I wasn’t ready to rise Up this is the best


A peice of Atlanta will always be dedicated to “Prime Time”

Nate Lowe

Now do Vick, White, Gonzalez, Favre


    Nate Lowe I wouldn’t say farve he wasn’t there long enough

    Shawn Golmes

    why i can understand but the others are trash

Nick bagnulo

AFTER THE 2016-17

zac hannaman

I have lived in Colorado my whole life and I am a Falcon fan, due to the great Michael Vick. Love the Dirty Birds.

    QB Sniper

    I wished I saw micheal Vick plau

Shawn Golmes

I told you ! he falcons media wanna act he a cowboy man please falcons the man first love

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