Defensive end Robert Quinn talks about going against Tyron Smith and how they're attempting to make each other better before training camp begins.

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44 replies on “Defensive End Robert Quinn vs. The Best | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. I’m becoming a big fan of this guy. He’s a class act who puts all of his talking on the field. I like those type of players.

  2. The Hot Boyz just got hotter ! 🔥
    Can’t wait to see them in action !
    Let’s Go !!!!

  3. Honestly out of all the defensive players I’m most excited to see is Xavier Woods he gonna break out

  4. A little ambitious, but possible. People forget how good Quinn can really be!

  5. @Jesse Sherman
    Why of course the rookie Trysten Hill
    He’s included in the “& Co”

    I simply stated our known assets
    Quinn Yw new to us, but we’ll proven in the NFL already
    I’m sure Hill will ballout as well

  6. Now come on Zeke! Grow up, and be a professional! You have such a great talent to just throw away by keep getting into trouble! Look what Emitt Smith did, and how professional of a man he was! Grow up man, and be great! You will be so happy for yourself in the end! If you keep getting into trouble, you will just throw your life away! Do this not only for yourself, but mostly for your family, and also for us fans. We love you my friend!

  7. Quinton Sanders nobody’s going to give you anything more than a 5th/6th for Taco. Can’t think about resigning a guy that hasn’t played 1 down.

  8. @Eric Jefferson I’ll take it 5/6 round and Quinn is a top tier player why not resign a guy like that

  9. Quinn is a class act. Also not a diva like some defensive line guys. These reporters need to start asking better questions. Most of the questions they ask are so predictable even i can answer these questions for Quinn or the other players.

  10. How can you not like this guy… I’m pulling for him to have a great year… I think he will.

  11. Quinton Sanders Soft Taco 🌮 missing snaps. Randy Gregory will be back, DorAce Armstrong getting DLaw snaps left end. Joe Jackson DE from Miami U!

  12. I think we shouldn’t compare emmit to zeke because emmit played in a whole different era of football zeke should just play the best he can and get better

  13. Wake up Zeke! Don’t become another Lawrence Phillips,we all know how that situation turned out.

  14. When you say D Law to woods, Collin to Quin. Do you mean that they are playing the same position, or are they playing side by side on the Defensive line

  15. @The Stranger at Night
    It depends on the rotation & what’s called for
    Ty Crawford is a definite plug anywhere & play
    I. Just didn’t include him for some odd reason

    I’m basically saying from one end to the other
    2 dynamic edge rusher, (and Crawford can play DE)
    And a stout DT unit, (and Crawford can play there as well)

    This should be the best Oline/Dline combo in football
    Depth included
    And there’s much flex throughout to boot

  16. See, that scar on his nose lets me know he is a hitter. Can’t wait to see when both Law and Q-Dog on the field and who gets to the QB first. If Hill don’t beat them both first. Picture that.

  17. Rotation will be sick with little fall off. Say if we start Law, Collins, Crawford and Gregory* then Taco, Hill, Woods and Quinn or Armstrong and Covington which is the 10 that I would keep.

  18. @D B
    I don’t think we suffer any falloff period
    It appears the plan is to keep everybody fresh &.biting hard each & every single rep


  19. Exactly
    The strong silent type
    Walking softly
    But carries a HUGE stick 😅

    That’s Amari on the offense vs an AB of the Raiders
    Or a DLaw, (no disrespect to either he nor AB)
    Quinn is a Pro’s pro no doubt

  20. You aint lying he the type of guy teams like the patriots scoop up year after year and I’m usually jealous why ain’t we get him

  21. He’s about to take down Eil Carson whoever is the Q.B for Washington and all the other Q.B’s we have to play this year lets go Cowboys lets get this ring 💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾

  22. @CowboyMarty
    Exceptional point CowboyMarty
    That expresses my feelings to the tee sir


  23. I heard Quinn was a quiet guy, but the impression I get is humble, gets it done on the field…no need to be loud.

  24. @Gerald Beasley I hope Dallas can learn from the Taco signing. He had some motivation issues at Michigan which were discussed on draft day and doesn’t seem to be any more motivated now. Hopefully he will change his ways this year.

  25. Chris Gutierrez I agree because he’s been having soo much doubt lately like “oh we need better safeties” I think all of that he’s going to use as motivation and probably make the best year he’s had so far

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