Defensive End Kerry Hyder: Still Along Way To Go | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Good Munny Official

Let’s go COWBOYS!


Does anyone proofread these titles? XD

    Andre Krapcha

    Lol, was thinking the same thing. Should be “a long” and not “along”

jeremy x

I love that
Plain simple truth
No one person
He’s never been around anything like this etc

Lava LifeGuard

Hyder will be on the team because he can play both inside and out!

Maximillian Thomas

I read that he will become a practice squad player but I don’t think so that would be careless.


Him nd Covington making the team

Robert Ian

Along or a long?

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Robert Ian Are you seriously that dumb 😂


Kerry played a great game! So proud of ALL my “HOT BOYZ”! 🏈🙌🏽🥰

Ricardo Hotboy

This boy went off!

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Ricardo Hotboy If your talking about went off his shithole then yeah

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