Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Wild Card Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Wild Card Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. speaks with the media on Wednesday during the first week of the season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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fire him

    OJ 24

    If we lose Sunday 100%

    Jackson Domolki


A Fucking Bird

Ken should be the linebackers coach again. DC isn’t for him.

    Antoine Walden

    @vashon king players being hurt has a hell of lot to do with it that’s why we brought these guys here in the first place so you dont think injuries has not played a part in us being ranked 26th I’ve watched a hell of alot of football and injuries will sabotaged a Defense period whether you like it or not..if this Defense was healthy all season we would be much better at the end of the day we are still a relatively good defense not great but good..

    Ryan Staiger

    Antoine Walden even when everyone was healthy and around they haven’t performed that great tho

    vashon king

    @Antoine Walden even before injuries he still sucked as a coordinator. And injuries no excuse. Philly got injuries and their defense still better at stopping the run

    Jonathan George

    Antoine Walden the defense has been bad even when people are healthy. Norton is not good. McVay Shanahan own this guy. Look how many bad games Goff had all year but he shredded the hawks defense even with Diggs playing

    vashon king

    @X.Ivan.X sports news said they will be changes within the Rams. Maybe wade Phillips🤔 but is not a coordinator.

Vicente jr Baldovinos

Get the best defense coach at michigan st.

Russell Ayers

Coach can only do so much. Players still have to execute. Defense is about having a “want to” attitude. Right now there appears to be no hustle, no effort to hit or tackle from ANYBODY. Broken assignments are mental issues, however tackling and hitting is a fundamental practice and it takes desire and will to do it consistently. I hear people calling for this man’s job. But why? Ken Norton Jr. is a multiple super bowl champion linebacker who’s father was the heavyweight champion of the world. I’m sure he knows more about desire and discipline far more than most coaches today and has developed great young talent over the years. Maybe it’s just the simple fact that we do not have players that exemplify the same hunger and drive as before. At least not at the moment. The team is still very young. Specifically in the secondary, Shaquille Griffin, Tre Flowers, Bradley McDougald and Delano Hill have not shown traits of consistency although Bradly is probably the best out of all of them. Give them some more time. Still young and need growth. Plus how much more difficult is it to run full speed and tackle when you’re on the field for 40-45 min of the game because the offense can’t convert 3rd downs let alone score touchdowns?

    A B

    Russell Ayers nailed it bro.

Ling Ling

We need to get the mentallity of punishing the recievers back


    Remember when they didnt want to catch the ball against he seahawks? yeah good times. Diggs brings a little bit of that back for sure.

    Aaron Keeter

    Once Blair gets promoted were going to have 2 punishing safeties with Diggs/Blair

Aiden Shearin

Has he decided to stop running base defense yet

    vashon king


    Russell Ayers

    Yah I’d personally like to see more Cover 2 in a 4-3 alignment like they used to run. Far too many gaps in the run defense and not enough help in the back-end. Shaq and Tre are better Man to Man corners than Zone. They can’t utilize their speed and press skills as well. I think so anyway.

James Glenn

Every time he does a press conference, I feel like he’s thinking “I’m just here so I don’t get fined”.

Marshawn Lynch

Imma go to his office and scream at him for this trash defense y’all. If that doesn’t work I’ll put a word in for John to fire this idiot

    Tracey Cravy

    Marshawn Lynch thanks marshawn


    Aight beast 💪


Keep him on the team but DC is not the best position for this man. PLEASE USE YOUR COMMON SENSE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Taga Cale

Seattle defense under Norton is akin to a shopping mall automatic door. Every opponent gets to the end zone

Jaren Edwards

I say get rid of him


Plz fire him



ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ -

I don’t like him at defensive coordinator

Mick 04

How the hell he had one of the best defense before. What happened to him?

Mick 04

Dude with Quandre and Clowney Seahawks will be fire!🔥🔥

edward kim

ken norton needs to go. Kris richard just got laid off so I hope someone gave him a call even though i feel like hes trying to go for a HC gig

Jonathan Larregui

How can he b smiling like that..wen the d fence need a total makeover…

    Joe Pesci

    Only makeover the defense needs is one at defensive coordinator.

Elana Mccullum


Joe Pesci

Hey Ken Norton, 1984 called, they want their college football defensive schemes back.

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