Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Week 6 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Week 6 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

defensive coordinator talks with the on Wednesday during week 6 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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timmyman 2005

Go hawks

timmyman 2005

Go Seahawks


Defense is trash. Expect at least 30 points given up by the Seahawks. Russ will have to carry like he always does.

    Elana Mccullum

    Zone defense gets THEM gashed every GAME..THEY LET goff gash them with just 3 passes that got them a td right after Metcalf scored….now with the 3 linebacker set..they are giving up even more…prevent defense lets TEAMS get right back in the game..49ers defense is wayy better..unfortunately😡😡😡

    Big Tings

    You have no idea about the Seahawks defense idiot you’re probably a dolphins fan

    Bjorn Mild

    17th overall is trash? Or are you just new to the game and that this is how things ALWAYS begin? If it was trash we’d not be at 4-1. They’re holding up and improving, you dimwit.

    Elijah Grady


Elijah Grady

If the defense can hold opponents to 24 this year, looks like there will be a lot of wins.
Previous years we needed the defense to keep it down to like 14, 17, 21…
Offense has stepped up and that’s a big help.
I think this defense is gonna be lock-down by the end of the season.

    Big Tings

    Elijah Grady heck yea our secondary needs to really improve but I think our pass rush is gonna be awesome once jarran reed gets back week 7

    Bjorn Mild

    A key factor in how and why games have these higher scores has a lot to do with new rules to alleviate pressure on QBs as well as tighter calling on PI. This has worked to our advantage offensively, despite making it look like the Hawk’s D is flagging.

    Elijah Grady

    @Bjorn Mild I think part of the reason hawks are scoring more is we finally have a 3 down back healthy. Carson has been running like a mad man. But I agree, rule changes help. Playing defense in the NFL is tough job right now.

Liquid Swords

Where’s the pass rush?! It’s week 6 and Seahawks rank bottom half in pass rush. Reed is going to take sometime to get back in FB shape. We’re going to need the DLine to step up to be a playoff team. West is the toughest division, under 10-11 wins won’t get a wildcard spot.

Skoden Fineden

Again, wee squeek out a win, Defense gives up so much. at what point do you quit doin that?? I mean If our offense struggles, than is it a automatic loss?

slick Rick

We are going to be 5-1

Timothy Gathings

He’s smart , tuff , he play good ball .. That’s coach !

Bjorn Mild

My god. The kvetching and moaning from fans is despicable. Every season starts slow, takes time to refine, and this season it’s especially unique given two of the D line’s most competitive players had no training camp or preseason. Chill the hell out and appreciate the fact we’re at 4-1 at all, and that, like always, things will click.

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