Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Week 2 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Week 2 Press Conference | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. talks with the media during week 2 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Ken, with an East Coast game & 4 quarters of Roethlisberger Yikes!. Steelers will want to jump on top early and pound the secondary all day long. Slowing Big Ben down might be the only key to keep him out of the red zone.

James W

It ended up being a W. But a little more urgency would be nice. Maybe he’s just managing the messaging that the youngsters hear and trying to keep it positive. But giving up those kinds of passing numbers won’t fly the rest of the season.

Azariah Seer

Andy torched us for almost 500 yards through the air… our base defense was not working. I believe in our guys, but we have to mix it up better.

Keith Sparling

How did it work out with the linebackers covering receivers? I wouldn’t say the “three good linebackers” worked… quite the contrary!

Tuna Cat

This coach likes to ball.

12th Man Pride

O dayum we got Samuel L Jackson as our coach

    Anthony Bane

    Damn now i cant unsee it


They got torched. They had no film or any idea what to expect. Still won. Next week they know what Pitt is all about. Defense should be much better. I’m expecting a close Seahawks victory.

    Spock B

    I agree with you, Not only secondary, but the O-line as well. If they haven’t watched the film the past few years, and not properly practiced right, then that’s the problem.

Christian C

i miss kris richard. ken has no sense of urgency or passion, way too laid back. just like the defense has been playing under him.

    Elana Mccullum


Ali Ahmad Bilal

You worry me Ken .

Anthony Bane

Double cover juju we aint got top 5 corner.

Spock B

We gotta work harder in tight coverages.

Timothy Gathings

He’s good ., powerful and he loves ball …that’s coach,but today he got answers .

Go Hawks!!!!? Let’s go 12’$

Elana Mccullum


Seisman 75

“Three really good linebackers,” but when they are covering WRs the are really bad CBs. SMH

moe Moe

Fire him our secondary is terrible

Dennis Baze

One game and the fan base can’t stop bitching about the secondary, keep in mind we are without Reed next five games, were without Ansah, and Collier. We never start off with a win and everybody keeps bitching. I agreed the first half sucked but we allowed 3 points in the second half. Support your fan base and for those of you who want Norton fired GTFO and go follow another team. It can only get better support your Hawks ride or die


    💯 💯💯
    People are already bitchin already week 1. STFU and support the team we will get better last season we were 0-2


Like Pete Carroll said last week we didn’t really know what the Bengals was going to come with’ Ken Norton call it play it safe’
and yeah it’s true the secondary stink up really Bad! Hopefully we will be ready for the Steelers”

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