Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn speaks to the media on October 20 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

This guy is all talk


    I mean, it’s a press conference…not sure what else you’re supposed to take from this…


    @KUR LINGUS do you have experience dealing with salesmen?

    Chad Kupchick

    I mean what else you want him to say his guys will watch this he can’t say to much n they get all pissed

Found Scott

It ain’t the players, it’s the coaches. Piss poor game planning and even horrible in-game management. Winless on the road through 1.2 seasons.


    False. The dearth of talent on this defense would give Belichick thoughts about quitting football if this was all the defensively talent he had to work with. /sssiiip

    Found Scott

    @KUR LINGUS well tell me how the Giants, Commanders, and Jacksonville is winning with the talent in there teams. Make it make sense?


Dear Detroit Lions, please put a shotgun microphone on the reporters asking the questions. It seems like you are trying but sometimes you miss the entire question. This isn’t hard to do so how about making it happen for the few of us still listening.

    Rabbit Gundam

    Right! Put a microphone on a stick and hire some kid as a media intern. Have him stand in the room and walk it up to anyone who is about to speak.
    (Conspiracy alert)->I imagine it is a lot easier to get juicy sound bites from coaches and players when you can’t hear the question. It allows you to ignore context.


    It’s ridiculous how poorly the media team handles the YouTube press conference Q&A


    @Rabbit Gundam since when does context help the Lions?

ShaReef 248

If lions defense can get some stops and maybe even a turnover or 2 and Dallas doesn’t shut down our offense like NE did we can pull off a win..I’m trying to be optimistic


“Stayed around watching tape”! It seems He and Dan do binge watching every single week but they might as well be watching episodes of “This old House” because at least there things actually get fixed!

Michael Laughlin

better figure something out fast ! some fans want you gone now ! lol 🤷‍♂️🤔👍

Ricky Bobby

The big issue was “Missed tackles” did he just say that? How about the fact that his cornerbacks are gifting receivers 5 to 10 yards every play before the ball is even passed? It’s impossible to get a pass break up when they’re trailing by five yards or more.🤦🏾‍♂️

Virgil Green

Praying for AJ to return to the coaching status that everybody else wants, and we worry about that.

    Don Bur

    Who’s AJ ?


    @Don Bur my nephew’s baby daddy but I don’t know what that has to do with the Lions? 🤔

    Don Bur

    @KUR LINGUS 😂 🤣🤣

patrick butters

We need a elite pass rusher in the middle like a Suh or Aaron donald to demand 2-3 people so hutch and our secondary can shine. Mcneil and brockers are great run stoppers but nowhere near great at getting pressure and they dont demand 2 people let alone 3


    Like Derrick Brown? Whom we passed on for Akouda? BRILLIANT! As John Cleese would say. Lol

    Don Bur

    @PAPILLON Derrick brown Elite now????? Lol

Key Glover

Him and Dan stand at this podium and all we hear Is false hope and excuses and the reporters don’t do any justice by continuing to ask these softball questions and not be truthful with these guys about how they are ready and fired up to win and get better but every week they get worse smh

Shaun Oneal

He said as long as we “keep doing?” This is what worries me. There’s nothing they should keep doing. Nothing.

Tony chase

let’s GO A.G good to seen you come out of hiding I believe in you big dawg!

SameOl’ Lame Detroit Lions!!

I don’t think the Lions are bad at Tackling, it’s just that our players don’t want to tackle anyone.. lol

So.. I expect to see better “missed” tackles from here on out, and not look like blatantly poor efforts.

Big Mike

Elliot got benched and he was really one guy making all the tackles yet Alex and brockers and will Harris gets passes lol

Chad Kupchick

We wit ya AG

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