Defending The Kingdom 9/20: 142.2, Open the Gates (with the Pack)! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
David B

Damn you guys for talking about the BBQ tailgating. It’s making my mouth water. GO CHIEFS!!!

Terry McBride

If the Defense has truly improved this won’t even be close!


    Terry McBride No clue how you figure that one. It took overtime? for us to win last year. With Hill. With Fisher. And Morse.

    Mahomes is better, and yes, Watkins too. But so is Jackson.

    Yes, we swapped out Eric Murray and Ron Parker for Mathieu and Thornhill. Yes, we have a better run defense. But the Ravens added Earl Thomas and Marquis Brown.

    I can always see the Chiefs blowing any team out, but I can honestly see this game going either way. It helps that it is at home. Would’ve helped more with Hill.

Tone B.


Joe Blow

I believe coach will have the best game plan in place to win.

tim countryman

Mitch, Barbershop outstanding video as always but now i need them KC ribs. Thanks

Terry McBride

Giving Jackson too much Credit, We all know Patrick would have 12 touchdowns if he had to have them,Andy turned it off at Oakland and kinda slowed things down in Jacksonville

samson gersing

Ravens, haven’t played anyone yet. Same way as Patriots.

Super Chief

When this season is said and done, Chiefs will go down as greatest of all time! 19-0 that’s right nobody beating us this season

Clinton Baltazor

The NFL is scripted! Football was invented by The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. It is used to keep people entertained and stupid. Also it is extremely homosexual. Men just playing with there balls. I was born and raised a KC Chiefs fan, the Red Sea used to be awesome. Once you are awake to the truth and you understand the code, you see through the programming.

    Frog Farmer

    drop the blunt, and step away from the keyboard.


    Of course. Try 2 microdots now ? That’s what I did before I realised that the Kingdom was sick dude.
    Raw power.
    Beautiful, astonishing power.
    My life used to be empty until I encountered KC 🙂


Did y’all really compare the longevity of a punter to that of an offensive lineman?

Dillon Carter

Please no more Shawn barber he’s sleeeep

Vince Clark

That wuss punter Colquitt should not be allowed to break Will Shields record. He should have his own non football player record for guys like him.


    Just a different position man. It’s a team game. Nothing but respect for both of those gentlemen.

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