Defend What’s Ours: Chapter 5 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Super Wye!

Revenge week 😈

Tye The Great

a win puts us back in first place! lets go ravens!


    In AFC notth?


These videos are undefeated. Our team however…


    ReigningRavens Ur week to week madden simulation games were fire bro.!!!


    @Os4low haha wow throwback! Thanks!

king shark

Regular season/preseason games are over(1st 4gms)… starters have 4 games under they belt now.

No more excuses going forward, sunday will tell us, who we are for the season.

The regular season is officially starting now. Let’s go ravens. Be dope and not dog food.


Reuben Ahn

Yall gotta change the title of these lmao… The complete opposite of what we be doing

Jake Riffle

Yo I’m loving these hype up videos

BaltimoreBoy 410

We’re gonna bounce back this week

Rusty Shackelford

This hype video was as disappointing as last Sunday’s game.
I’m just not feeling it.

The Ravens look flat and disinterested.

I think it starts at the top.
The players don’t seem to be buying what Harbaugh is selling and haven’t for years now.

Meghrajsinh Chudasama

Gg Ravens #RavensFlock supporting you always and forever from India 🇮🇳

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