Defend What’s Ours: Chapter 2 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Defend What’s Ours: Chapter 2

Inside these doors, you belong to something greater than yourself, to something worth defending.

#BaltimoreRavens #Ravens #NFL

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Savage Nugget Reply

Can I get a shoutout “go ravens”!!!!

    Sang Nguyen Reply


Joe Flacco Reply

I love this team sooo much ‼️ 😭🤧

P.s I’m Elite 😎

    Long Way Reply

    Lls we love you too joe you will not be missed Ps thanks for the super Bowl win

    Lumberjack Reply

    Joe , your not even on the team anymore. Go away

    Lion Thomas Reply

    Classic lol

    GHOST intheshell Reply

    Damn joe……….u suck in Denver, just like u did here the last few yrs…..lmao.

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

We coming for that 3rd Lombardi

    Carlos Chavez Reply

    Julian Shipp Jr yessir

    Antonio_11 Reply

    Ay man, Im all in on this team. I am a true believer and I have been here as a fan every step of the way. This is the most excited I have been in literally a decade. This team has so much potential 🙏🏽

Austin Horne Reply

Haloti in the ring of honor!! Yes!!

Manuel Yáñez Aguilar Reply


Joe Flacco Reply

Did he just say we are re decorating!!???? Is the shield 🛡 coming back 🥶

    Joe Flacco Reply

    Lumberjack fine! 😤 I’ll take my SuperBowl with me then 😂

    Ravens Elite 19 Reply

    @Joe Flacco don’t leave, Lamar loves you.

    Jordan Helton Reply

    Pretty sure he is going into the ring of honor so by redecorating I think he means his name is now gonna be in the stadium forever

    ManBearPig YT Reply

    Yes it’s confirmed

    Id C Reply


calikangaroos Reply


Sean Henderson Reply

Shout out to Haloti 🙌


Shield helmets 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Moneybagg D Reply

Hope the ravens go all the way💪🏾🤞🏾

Darth Ryu_ZX6 Reply

The Revolution continues. Defend our house

Leonard Farlow Jr. Reply

This Sunday, we will show you what it means to be home. The atmosphere in that stadium is unlike any other. The noise. The power. The excitement. The fans know what what it takes to be part of the Flock stadium. The question is, are you with us? #RavensFlock👿

    Nick S Reply

    that’s if people show up. I’ve been a psl owner for years and it just has need been the same for many many years.

Ravens Elite 19 Reply


L D Reply

Every week these videos raise the tiny hairs on my arms and legs.

Austin Foote Reply


Ravens Review Reply

Welcome back, Ngata! Just keep away from RG3’s legs when you’re chatting on the sidelines!

Ron Edward Reply

I love how old Ravens love coming back to Baltimore, even after they’ve gone on to play with other teams at the twilight of their careers. 👍

king shark Reply

Now that was testosterone driven… awwwwwwrrrrrkkk!!!!!

Let’s welcome Suggs home, with a face full of full back powers. 🤗

Corbin King Reply

Shield is back?!?! The emotions on sunday is going to be crazy

Sean Skove Reply

I was born in Annaplois Maryland. I am a die hard Raven. This is our season. We’re going to change the NFL with our offence. We are going to change the NFL with our D-Fence. We are going to change the NFL with our passion and our team work. RAVENS NATION keeps me pushing. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Johnthan Ogden. Fought for us. Desipite injury. Despite fatigue. Their players fight for me. They fight for you. Balitmore Nation that’s what we do.


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