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After three straight 5-11 seasons – the worst stretch of Dallas Cowboys football since the 1960s – Jerry Jones made a bold move to reel in a big fish. Bill Parcells, two-time Super Bowl championship coach with the New York Giants, left the TV studio in 2003 for his latest reclamation project: America’s Team. The result was a Cinderella playoff season, a major culture change and an unlikely partnership between two powerful personalities.

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54 replies on “Deep Blue: Parcells’ Final Ride – Full Documentary”

  1. Mr Parcells my favorite Coach of all time .

    He was a teacher and held players accountable .

  2. I truly miss those Parcells days. His pressers, his way of roster building, his sideline demeanor, his influence on the players that had the honor of being under his tutelage. We just lost our last one in Witten. Hopefully his anecdotes and way of doing stuff will transfer to anyone who got to learn from Witten. If so, Parcells remains in the DNA of our current team, because Witten was a Parcells guy by definition.

  3. Loved the man, it was great to have a coach that knew what he was doing. If you really think about it, had he not been hired. We might still be one of the worst teams in the league. Now Jones has better sound people helping him than he did before The Big Tuna. So it was an important moment for this team, going forward with Jerry Jones.

  4. I remember that ESPN interview and saying, “OH yeah! Parcells is coming to the Boys!” And he turned it round, changed the culture, instilled accountability and discipline. He recognized the talent that was Romo and got the Cowboys on the right track. It stinks we never got farther…that Seattle loss was brutal. Sadly, I think that discipline and accountability are gone with Garrett in charge. I wish we have Zim or Peyton here to bring that attitude back to the Boys.

  5. Watching this makes me miss the days of a Team playing for the Coach and Each other…

    If your a true Cowboys fan you would thumbs up this Vid💯..Go cowboys🏈

  6. This was gold, I’m sad this couldn’t be longer. One thing was telling though…when the 🐐Darren Woodson said he learned more football that first yr with Parcells than he did the previous 11 combined!

  7. Campo is actually a smart likable guy but hearing him say “its my fault” all the time is kinda cringing

  8. It’s really hard to watch a real and maybe one of the realest coaches ,especially one who held people accountable,even the owner …..and now we got Garrett🤨😞😒

  9. Love it, but wish they showed more of his drafts and going with Romo over Bledsoe and the conversion to the 3-4.

  10. No mention of how Jerry f’ed it all up by bringing in TO when Parcells did not want him. Jerry being Jerry and needing sizzle over steak.

  11. Man that Romo bobble and fumble in the Seattle playoff game still haunts me. I truly believe if Bill would have stayed one more year we would have made it to the Super Bowl.

  12. SSShowtime Tuna never had a shot it was said earlier in the video jerry jones doesn’t know how to just be a owner of America’s Team he wants to be to hands on he is not a coach he cannot coach but he thinks he can and he was going to get in the way of the Tuna the same way he did with Jimmy Johnson which cost the Organization and the players and fans the Biggest and Battis Baddest Football 🏈 Dynasty ever because he wasn’t happy enough with being just the owner of America’s Team he couldn’t handle someone else getting the credit for the most important part the Team, the Head Coach he said anyone and even himself could coach that team. Wake up call Jerry jones it’s been 20 years and you haven’t won anything Wow 😲 will he ever humble himself and realize he is not Jimmy Johnson or Bill P or the other Bill B. The Jones family is in the way of this franchise Jason Garrett is not NFL coach maybe High School or college football 🏈 and Jerry jones continues to try and make Jason Garrett something he is not and definitely not even close to the three coaches I have already named if you are a cowboys fan and seen today’s game against the Carolina panthers 9/9/2018 then need I say more the play calling was horrible just like the players spoke out about last season that other teams knew what they was going to do almost calling out the plays because the plays was more high school football 🏈 then Professional Football I can’t blame the offense coordinator because he is running Jason Garrett play book not his to my understanding that is what he was brought in for to run the offense from Jason Garrett’s playbook so Jason Garrett could focus on coaching Wow 😲 Jerry Jones you sure know what doing I believe the jones family will ruin the talented players and this team before they humble themselves and realize we are not coaches and Scott’s look what we have done by not hiring a really really good coach and staff and letting the coach and his staff who have the experience in all the important areas of Professional Football day to day Operations who have been doing this all their life in preparation to be a Head Coach someday in the NFL. I love the Cowboys as much as the next man or woman but I have been watching and Learning about the game my whole life and just understand great coaches are hard to find even though there is some terrific good coaches out there now, But those Jimmy Johnson’s And Bill Parcells and Bill B are hard to come by I would love to see Jim Haurbough of Michigan be hired as Cowboys Head Coach next year but Jerry jones can’t leave well enough alone and Let the Head Coach and his staff build the team the jones have to have their hands on everything. Even when Jerry jones messed up with the Jimmy Johnson situation he wife said you just don’t know when to get yourself out of the way can you? Looking over the other side of the bed 🛏 at her husband Jerry jones after he had just let jimmy Johnson go from the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry jones just looked miserable 😩. Watch a football life jimmy Johnson. I don’t expect cowboys to much of anything until we get a New Head Coach and maybe offensive coordinator unless it’s absolutely true that the play book is Jason Garrett’s playbook and not Scott Linehan playbook. This was a great video but it just reminds me of Jerry jones making that same mistake with Jimmy Johnson and Hurting all us Cowboys Fans all over the World 🌍 America Team there is fans who haven’t forgiven Jerry jones unwisely decision.

  13. Maybe when Brady retires tall can get belichick…however he wouldn’t tolerate none of the Jones family bs

  14. I think that the way they lost that last playoff game just knocked the wind out of him. People close to him said he became depressed about that. Thing is, as bizarre a way to lose a game as that was, they were likely going to lose anyways. People remember it as a would-be game winning kick as if there were mere seconds left, but had the kick went in, Seattle would have had 2 minutes plus 2 timeouts only needing a FG to retake the lead, and they had been torching the Cowboys’ very tired defense in the 4th quarter and they had the best kicker in the league that year. As far as I’m concerned, they were well on their way to losing the game when they decided not to go for it on 4th down.

  15. I would argue that the conversion was his biggest mistake. It cost them 2 years because they had to transition from an excellent 2003 4-3 defense to 3-4 personnel along with getting some of their remaining 4-3 people productive in the new scheme. In the end, the best defender they drafted (Ware) would have still been drafted by them in a 4-3, just drafted to RE instead of ROLB.

  16. +22steve5150 Maybe. Ware was a little undersized and l wonder if he could have handled the constant beating on the line in a 3 point stance. Coakley and Nguyen were small and didn’t always break away from blocks. Ellis wasn’t getting a lot of pressure on the QB. And I don’t know how long their 4-3 would have been that successful without Zimmer, who was leaving no matter what. New coaches also normally bring in new personnel and younger players. It would have been re-tooled all the same if they stayed in the 4-3. And we’re also talking about the same time Woodson was moving on and Roy Williams was being exposed as a coverage liability. I’m just not as convinced the switch to the 3-4 scheme was so terrible. Ellis had his first 10+ sack season as an outside linebacker, and that was with Ware getting 14.

    But you are right that they had a great defense as they were. And I have always liked the 4-3 more myself. Again, I’m just not convinced it was a bad move.

  17. +22steve5150 Amen to this. And Dallas had, I think, all three timeouts left when Seattle took over at the 1 yard line. Hold em, get the ball back, and try for another field goal. The defense blew it then. So I have no doubt that even if the bobble had never happened, the D would have given up the score anyways

  18. Darth Prime Bill is a much better coach than Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy is more of a personal guy. Jimmy good coach but not on Parcells level

  19. you put out some good info yourserlf sir homes and you are my daily go to videos .. #cowboys4life!!!!! ..

  20. +Ray T where was the good team around him??? he ran for his life most games and still won more games than any cowboys qb rings or not..

  21. I remember watching that game, and you just new it was over for Parcells after that game. It really did just drain the life out of him. As a Giants fan growing up never saw that kind of exhaustion from Parcells. I remember actually being concerned for his health, seeing that he already had a history with heart issues.

  22. Frank Faz Romo would have thrown interceptions in big playoff games. Jerry doesn’t let the Tuna trade him or cut him. Big Tuna ends up retiring and leaves anyway.

  23. Bill never should have went to Dallas, it’s the only place he failed so miserably.

  24. +Anthony johnson love them or hate em its all or nothing …im in it for the TEAM ..everyone makes mistakes …we all seen what happened back then if your really old enough i guess ..but you gotta move on everyone else has ..just gotta be #COWBOYS4LIFE!!!!!!!

  25. TyYah Yisrael He could also be candid and open about his own personal flaws. That kind of honesty is rare in many walks in life.

  26. Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2 Belichick gets my vote. Don’t get me wrong, as a Patriots fan I realize he helped save the Patriots, and he built much of the core of defensive players who made up the core of the early Belichick Championship teams.

    Both Parcells and Belichick think alike in terms of their approach, though they each had their own way of going about it. The biggest difference, I think, was that Parcells would get emotionally burned out after a few years, where Belichick somehow does not. He’s emotionally more stable, where Parcells openly displayed his emotions.

    But this is a matter of personality, not something someone can change about themselves. Both are among the best.

    I like your name, but I’m not sure Einstein would like his equation coupled with the developers of Quantum Mechanics, which Einstein disliked on aesthetic grounds. He hated the idea of uncertainty, though he knew that the evidence supports QM.

  27. Kyle Bryson Parcells is in his late seventies. He’s not going to come out of retirement. Actually, his last job in football wasn’t in Dallas, but as an exec in Miami.

  28. Flexible Strategist While I agree with you about Belichick, I do think Parcells was great. He may not have the number of rings Belichick has (no other coach does), but he turned around four really bad franchises: Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys. He completely changed the culture of those teams.

  29. benny robinson Hey, don’t knock Wade Phillips. I’m a Patriots fan, but Phillips is a very good DC. He and Belichick both put on a defensive clinic in Super Bowl 53.

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