Deep Ball to O.J. Howard & More Sacks from Shaq Barrett | Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jay Sanchez Reply

Congrats Rondé on being added to the ring of honor in Tampa!! Well deserved

Blak Dice Reply

As far as I’m concerned this game has 0 highlights. Complete meltdown in all three phases, coaching included.

Oliver Lion Reply

Just stop it, we keep letting sorry weak teams do us at home its ridiculous 28-10 and cant score, no excuses for this.

Vandall Harris Reply

Bruce Arians is incompetent and we wasted a another draft pick on a kicker that sucks. Same old Bucs! Im done. Never going to another Bucs game again!! Way to keep your fans away from the stadium!!

    Surreal Feeds Reply

    Ok Mr. Hanky we’ll be seeing ya

    Richard Landsaw Reply

    Have a nice life!!

    Suedeifel Reply

    Ok see you at the next game lol

    Vandall Harris Reply

    I’ll be back around Christmas time

Nowel Bobke Reply

We literally have a top 3 receiver in the league, and we have a QB who can play well once every 2-3 games, I’m sorry, but we’re wasting time with Jamies at QB, I’m happy to see him do well that game boy oh boy, but he isn’t consistent and we’re wasting our offense on him.

    Nowel Bobke Reply

    Derek Waters I’m just saying we put our cards all on a guy who is just now finally understanding leadership, I remember being at the bar when he was drafted in Tampa, never seen so many upset fans, for good reason… Do you really believe this is the man that’s going to take us to the Super Bowl? Be honest please

    904austin Reply

    @Nowel Bobke The dude who led FSU to a game winning national championship drive doesnt know how to lead? Who were all those sad Bucs fans wanting? Mariota? Lol

    I’m glad we got Jameis. He isnt the problem in Tampa.

    Nowel Bobke Reply

    904austin This is the NFL not College football whole different league, but we’ll never go anywhere far with Winston, not with his inconsistency and his unfortunate talent of throwing ints 😬

    904austin Reply

    @Nowel Bobke Well you’re certainly right, this is the NFL and unfortunately our Bucs are the laughing stock of it because we have no coaching stability, havent had a consistent running game, awful OL play and consistently historically bad defenses since Jameis got here.

    Jameis’ turnovers are an issue, but his biggest knock out of college was he plays hero ball. He would try to change the game with a single throw. Now put the gunslinger on the worst roster in the league at the time and tell me how you though this would go?

    We can win with Jameis. We cant win with this secondary

    Dakota Corvin Reply

    @Derek Waters How many of those games where the defense gave up more points than that did Jameis have mutiple turnovers? Go google that number and believe me it’s higher than you’re going to want to admit.

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