Debating a Trade for Jalen Ramsey | #RavensMailbag – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Debating a Trade for Jalen Ramsey | #RavensMailbag

Jalen Ramsey is under contract, but has requested a trade. How will the Ravens deal with Patrick Mahomes? Will Chris Moore and Seth Roberts become more involved?

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Shands J'Andrew

The only debate should be what number he’d wear

    George Amato

    75 baby

    TJ Stacks

    @Jack Concannon He not going there, and it’s Raiders or Titans. Watch the game tonight afterwards you will see his interaction.

    Don daddy dollaz Jr.

    #4 or #19

    Don daddy dollaz Jr.

    Y’all sleep in this video. The chiefs are not better than the ravens wtf y’all talmbout! They need Jalen to beat the ravens not the patriots. The only team have any chance of beating the patriots are the ravens if the get Ramsey, the chiefs will still be missing too much on defense

    Maurkeis -

    He should get 52 or 51 he remind me of Ray Lewis but can catch

Jose Velazquez

Miles Boykin will play a major role in the RAVENS victory over Kansas city this weekend

    Jose Velazquez

    @-Z3us – no doubt. Boykin is 6’5 runs a 4.4, and will win the jump ball battle everytime, whether it’s catching it or preventing the defender from catching it.


    Jose Velazquez great team win coming, not a single player will be purely dominant, expect Lamar who will throw for 350+ yards 4 touchdowns, and maybe run for 1

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    Chiefs defense is close to worst in the league. Should get this W with Hollywood and Ingram being stars

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    @Antonio Lugo I agree, Mark Andrews is a fucking weapon and is top 5 TE’s right now in my opinion. I think we will definitely win this time against Chiefs cause look at last year when we played them, it was a close game and we ended up losing in overtime BUT you gotta remember, Lamar was still brand new, with a playbook thrown together in a week to fit him, no chemistry with players and didn’t have weapons like Ingram, Hollywood Brown, Myles Boykin, Justice Hill, etc. Plus, Mahomes is known for passing and now we got a leader like Earl Thomas who is gonna shine I feel like in this game. Even Chief fans will tell you that they have one of the worst defense in the NFL right now and we have one of the best defense right now, if not THE BEST currently. Cheifs offense is really good but so is ours AND we have defense just as good. I believe we will take this win and Lamar will be on his way to MVP.

UnclePollo Pokes

Yes yes yes. Do it already. Just make it happen.

    Vincent Coleman


Christopher Rios-Morales

At least we know that the Jalen Ramsey trade has been brought to there attention and their media team is acknowledging it

    Jordan Davis

    Christopher Rios-Morales Facts. I just want the Ravens to be talking to the Jags for Ramsey

    New Era #LAMAR4MVP

    These dudes have no say in the actual trades and such


Ain’t no debate. It should be done….probably won’t, but, it should be done. Would be great for now AND for the future


    @inVIZOble Jalen to a 1yr deal


    ILL XANE waste a 1st round pick for a 1 year rental? Haaaaaa! No thanks

    Asmodeus Thenatos

    Its doable. I think once the last year is done, pay Ramsey 16.5 or 17.5 mil at max a year (would make him highest paid cb) with all of the contracts coming off, I think doing Lamar and Andrew’s contracts are also doable

    grim farm

    Yeah ingraven you are right

    king james

    IngravenVids #teamkeepitclean I appreciate your content

Davon Johnson

They can def have a first rounder and Jimmy (Toast) Smith at this point 💯💯



Vincent Coleman

#20 should be Retired, but we’ll be open arms for Mr. Ramsey!!


    He ain’t wearin’ 20.

    B Camm

    Open arms. Yes. #20 no way

Anthony Diaz

Send them CB Jimmy Smith and a 1st rounder.


    Anthony Diaz There were other factors in play there. Without diving too deep into it, essentially the Texans screwed up by letting it slip they wanted to trade Clowney before getting him to sign the franchise tag. What that translated to was Clowney holding leverage over the Texans with regard to where and how he was traded (by refusing to sign the official tender if he wasn’t satisfied). The Texans screwed up big time and were pretty much forced to dump him for next to nothing just to get any value back at all.
    Point is, Ramsey doesn’t have that kind of leverage, and the Jags are in no hurry to get rid of him. They think they have a playoff chance. If he refuses to play, they can potentially fine him and/or recoup part of his contract, depending on its context. The CBA (though I admittedly don’t know all the legal ins and outs) also has clauses that lay out requirements (like attending minicamp) and the penalties for not following them (fines and/or missed game checks). Most contracts have similar, so-called disciplinary clauses which spell out requirements like playing in all games and the consequences for missing games for non-injury reasons. There are also bonuses and options, usually based on performance, to consider, like making 50 tackles or having 8 INTs or whatnot. If the player misses games, he’s unlikely to reach those and would miss out on extra money.

    Long story short, the Jags have no reason to trade him unless they get a doozy of an offer. I’d love to have him, but I think it’s gonna be too steep a price.


    When you actually put a tl;dr at the end of your comment, but apparently reading any words at all is too hard, or… something. Idk.

    Mason Nathan321

    That’s what I said

Cairo Ma'yieu

Make the move & secure the future!



Upper Cutz

This shouldn’t even be a debate. This team hasn’t had this big of a chance to go the distance in a long time. But we can’t go the distance against Mahomes and Brady with weaknesses in our secondary. Ramsey would solidify our secondary immediately and for years to come. Make it happen Decosta!!!!

    retro nerds

    Exactly the top teams are the chiefs and Patriots but with Jalen Ramsey are defense would put us in the Superbowl conversation rather than just the playoffs

    Antonio Lugo

    Bro I agree completely with ramsey joining jimmy and earl Thomas in that secondary that would be scary for opposing teams imagine this weeks game against the chiefs with jalen back there and with the offense playing the way they’re playing now they’ll have great super bowl odds

Miles Romo

It has to happen. It just has to. Jimmy can’t be trusted with his injury history and AA looks lost out there. We play a plethora of solid passers this season and Jalen across from Marlon sounds ridiculous. I’d trade a 1st for him in a heartbeat. Maybe even two of them. He’s THAT good and will remain THAT good. Imagine him in a Wink-ran defense. It’s salivating to think about.

Ron Edward

Ramsey is a “me” guy because he wants to play man-to-man and shut down the other team’s best receiver. I think we could deal with that type of “me” guy. 😊

    kevin spencer

    Exactly, Trade Smith and a first. Smith contract is up at end of season anyway. U want a corner better than him n one that doesn’t get hurt. Smith makes bout 14 million now. Just give it to a better, younger, n healthier corner. Come on Eric D it’s common sense. He’s made for the Ravens.

    Iceberg Slim

    kevin spencer…yup an if we lose him after two yrs we get a comp pic.

    kevin spencer

    @Iceberg Slim or if he acts up trade him get the pick back. Smith should b gone next year n Carr is old. We going to spend probably a first on corner anyway. So he will be our first round pick. We got 2 threes, 3 fours, 2 fives. Give them one if not happy. Cause next year we will need another corner. If u want to when now that a sign for the Ravens. We gotta get him.

    Iceberg Slim

    kevin spencer…..yup because Carr an Smith r gone next yr an yanda will probably retire as well so we will have plenty of cap. Your rite we definitely have to get another corner an Ramsey would b perfect


    He is a Diva WR but in reverse

Adam Brooks

Jaylon Ramsey is not a mean guy,he wants to win, period! His play speaks for itself!


    Adam Brooks facts

    LA Nice

    Adam Brooks he said “ME GUY” but you’re right

Michael Dower

Just imagine what kind of defenses “Wink” Martindale could do with the addition of a Jalen Ramsey a Bonafide shutdown cornerback Go #Ravens

Iceberg Slim

Jimmy smith is gone next yr. the ravens tried to trade for Ramsey in the draft. We will have plenty of cap room to sign our young players an Ramsey. You don’t find corners like Ramsey often at all.

    kevin spencer

    Exactly, win now when time is RIGHT to WIN it all now and in future. Time for Smith, J Hurst, Wormley, Jefferson to go. Get rid of B Williams or Pierce unless they take a pay cut. Keep the STARS that’s worth the money. Players contracts coming up like Judon, Humphreys, Snead, Stanley, n Ricard. Keep these on players on cheap contacts. Pierce, Skura, Wormley, Levine. Keep Onsuwar around 7- 9 million a year.

    Iceberg Slim

    Williams contract is coming towards the end an we like to keep beef up front. Jefferson is good he just started off bad but n the beginning of the yr that stuff happens. Even if we trade for Ramsey an don’t pay him at the end of his contract we still get a comp pick for letting him walk. We gotta keep an design the players u mentioned but picking up Ramsey an pairing him with Humphrey is well worth it. Remember McAllister an samari rolle back n the day.

    kevin spencer

    @Iceberg Slim naw Jefferson gets lost too much on pass plays. I like The joker better D Elliot. Williams can’t rush the pass but keep him another year. D Mack can replace Pierce. We get two dl in draft. Jefferson not worth 11 million. Smith not worth 14 million. Hurst not worth 6 million. Williams not worth 12. When time comes they got to go quick and in a hurry.

    Iceberg Slim

    kevin spencer……d Elliot has been makin plays n practice an sum n the pre season but not n real games so can’t go off that. Jefferson played good the last two seasons an it’s hard to find good safeties. Williams is a run stuffer an yea he’s not worth the ten mill a yr pierce is better. Mack is unproven but could step up an jimmy smith always has something going on so trading him with a pick for Ramsey would nice.

    Iceberg Slim

    kevin spencer……n hurst damn sure ain’t worth 6 mill I no he’s versatile but he’s not good at any of the line positions.


Ravens please..
Give them jimmy Smith and Carr we’ll take Ramsey


    @Eric42 Doesn’t matter. Chiefs wouldn’t take Carr, Smith, AND a 1st round pick if that was offered to them. That’s like trying to buy a diamond ring with a stale hamburger.

    kevin spencer

    Keep Carr for back up but hurt all the time Smith. Yes trade him n a first. Then work on the defense line. Interior line needs a A Donald or C Jones type player n middle for pressure on qb. The defense would be scary 😱 to any team. Super Bowl 🤔✌️


    People think real NFL teams work like Madden. Just trade away a 7th rounder for Patrick Mahomes and it gets accepted.

    kevin spencer

    @matrixphijr I wish we could. It’s going to take at least a first and something else. I’ll give them Smith, a first this year n a fourth next year. Cause I know he’s proven. U don’t know if u draft someone if there going to be good n the pros. U want a pro bowl back for years do it now. Humphreys, Ramsey, n Young. Wow ! Scary 🤔💪. Eric D got to make this move. Smith contract is up after season anyway. Ur going to spend a first on a corner anyway. Why not get a all pro. Common sense.😵😱


    @Jordan dumbass

kevin spencer

Ravens do the right thing for the team. Trade for him. Humphreys n Ramsey n Young. The best young triple threat n league. Wow for long time. Trade a first n give them hurt all the time Smith. Come on now stop thinking n make the move.🤔💪


Please trade for Ramsay I don’t know one Raven’s fan that wouldn’t love it

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