DeAndre Hopkins on Arriving in Arizona, New Offense | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Linsey Norman





Looking good in cardinal red and white Nuk. Can’t wait to see the best WR kill it this year in AZ (hopefully if the season goes ahead) 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bosco Gamer



DeAndre just looks perfect in that uniform, Nuk gonna dominate the NFC West!

Stan ezen

Class act. I want to see cards in playoffs. Them browns and raiders. Prove the haters wrong. Fitz and DHop bout to cause trouble !😤

Gabriel Gonzales

I love that he’s so humble and competitive on the field that is exactly what we need to boost our players and have #11 believe this is our year !!

    Our Diary


Kevin Staats

Kyler be reading this and say ‘My Guy lets get it’

Just For Giggles

Memo to Kyler: Just toss it up there baby! Nuk will come down with it!💯

Crown Royal

I’m glad my Cardinals are working together like family let’s get it 2020

Travis Thatcher

Since the superbowl…the world has been an S! Show! Just need football to come back so I can mute everything going on!

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