DC Jack Del Rio speaks to the media after practice – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Camoranesi 52

Bla bla bla

Nick Capps

What’s wrong with the media. Always missing the first ?’s

Beefy Mcskillet

Gets this goof outta here

Michael Starkey

Is it just me, or does JdR look a bit older every time I see him?

    A Darden

    I thought so too.


    Lol 😆🤣

A Darden

JDR is always sooo full of info and insight! 🙄

Time Traveler

Did we learn anything ??? Nope ! Who ‘s actually worse the Coach or the Media asking mine numbing Questions with so much fluff ! Listening to Del Rio talk about the Packers and Rogers , you’d think they were undefeated Juggernaut …. If this is the Guy your counting on to get your defense ready to Play , Rogers probably is drooling all over himself , at this opportunity to get his team back on track . Del Rio talking is Mind Numbing , I thought I was going to fall asleep . No wonder Teams ( WFT Etc… ) he Is part of , gets off to slow starts. I am book marking this interview so when I can’t sleep I can replay it , probably be out in just a couple minutes , LOL


Sell the team

Michael Dorwart

I believe if the defense does what it has the last few weeks that our QB change will bring us a victory. The defense is the only reason we have been in any game. Now the offense will step up and we will see more wins.

Jordan Elias

Let’s go jack!❤💛


No energy in Jack’s voice. Means no energy in defense play

    Obey the lord Everyone!!!!!!

    Nah are d line has energy every week but nobody else does

Christopher Marston

He is so out of touch but I’m 55 myself 50 years a Washington fan as much as I wanted him fired after the first 3 games jack is not the problem the defense actually has been playing well these past weeks Rivera is more to blame than Jack and Scott turner better step up every one thought our offense was going to keep us in games get explosive plays actually our defense has kept us in games lately and the offense has disappointed that’s a fact

    Obey the lord Everyone!!!!!!

    Thank you Del Rio the only one doing his job


Things could get a lot better if they ditch the Aquafina


As a fan base right now, the most important thing is getting Dan Snyder whacked. It’s more important than even winning the Super Bowl. Because we will never get to another Super Bowl so long as he is the owner.

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