Days before Hall of Fame enshrinement, ‘it’s starting to feel real’ for Champ Bailey – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jimmy Acevedo


Jimmy Acevedo

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Cubecraft Banned

Greatest defensive back of all time

    Max Power

    Only smart thing you’ve said.

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Max Power everything I’ve said is fact boi

    Shane K. Barker

    Yo Cubecraft I gotta ask with all respect bro your comments you always stand by them you waiver non so question is what is it that makes you a expert at analyzing players are you an ex scout for NFL did you play ball are you a reporter or are you like most everyone else here a life long football fan. I believe a person can just be a life time fan and get educated enough to make a legitimate decision about what a player has for potential or no potential. Bro like I said askn with respect not to kick off a battle I just been reading your comments for a bit over a month now and I want to know why your beliefs are so strong and why it seems that you feel we all should believe what you say without any debates. Don’t want to answer me publicly can you hit me up on messenger or email. Shane K. Barker hooters racecar is my profile pic is my email

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Shane K. Barker I never said you should believe what I say without debating. I can back up what I say and I have many times. I’ve watched a ton of Drew Lock’s film and I don’t see any of the traits you absolutely need to be successful in the NFL. That’s why I believe he’s a bust. If you want to debate his game film and qualities I’d be happy to. I didn’t say just believe whatever I tell you lol

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Max Power so how is lock doing huhπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ didn’t look too good to meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Max Power

Makes me sick that this man never won a ring, but this is a nice consolation prize

    Paul Revere

    I’m not sure I would consider a gold jacket a “consolation prize”

Joseph Malinowski

well deserved it about time Champ Bailey deserves to go into the Hall of Fame congratulations to everybody who got voted in and to mr. B who be watching from heaven may not be there in person but he will be there in spirit I’m in the hearts of every Denver Bronco player and fan

Flame Features

I love the broncos and football! I made a YouTube channel to post highlight videos!



Stephen Garcia

Champ! My favorite growing up watching with my dad also with Elvis Dumervil man I miss those days

Stephen Garcia

Even though they were tough times lol


Seeing videos and hearing Champ talk bring back good memories, I remember being mad at the Broncos for tradings Clinton Portis for Champ because I was a HUGE RB fan coming up but to actually sit to the television every single Broncos game and watch #24 play was truly a blessing, as a child growing up and living in Louisiana ppl didn’t understand the reason I love the Denver Broncos but I told them there’s something about that orange crush I just couldn’t get enough of, I constantly heard that I supposed to rep the home team (New Orleans Saints) but I just couldn’t see myself doing that lol, Elway, Terrell Davis, Ed, Rod Smith, Atwater, Sharpe, al Wilson and plenty more from the Denver Broncos stole my heart years ago, but to get back to the subject it’s a proud time for any true bronco fan to see one of our best among others get honored tonight, congrats Champ Bailey

Bubbles The Monkey

NO ONE was more lockdown than Champ Bailey in his prime. Not Deion, not Revis, NO ONE.


This man is a total-class-act, & he’s so deserving. I’m just sad—–& angry that Atwater isn’t there, with him ! ———–Steve needs to be there !! —————————Wolfsky9, 72 y/o, a Broncos fan from the very beginning.

Daily Dad

The GOAT. Still my favorite Jersey. #24

Rosa Nieto

I want a ball please 😭 big fan

Darion Spencer

🐐 #24

Stoner Shatter


ray ray

Von Miller, chris Harris jr will definitely come down as denver HOF

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