Davon Godchaux controlling what he can control – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Logan Hampton

Players dnt seem happy

Thomas Hill

This has a bad feeling written all over it


God these questions are below fucking high school Jesus man. Davon now that you are preparing for Ravens are you excited at your specific role and is there anything you can tell us without giving up too much of course? Hey Davon what do you think of the game plan for the Ravens this Sunday are in store for a big day from you or are we gonna see you set up guys like Baker and Eguaveon for big days?
Something like that and I never went to journalism school but way better than can you explain your feelings are going to go to the coach and cry? Com on dudes grow the f up.

Donald Johnson

The Texans got 2 very solid players K. Stills is pros pro and Tunsil a future star. Thanks Stills and Tunsil.


very well said

David Lenshyn

Stay the course!

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