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I want to see 20+ carries

    Albert Arriola

    It’s unfortunate he keeps splitting carries with Mike Davis then have Cohen in the slot in place for Anthony Miller. Ultimately using all 3 backs, I think I might gamble on Old man Adrian Peterson in my fantasy leagues.

Paul Prinz

Asking a rookie questions about things he knows very little about yet.

    Tom Grubbe

    And he answers them all like a veteran.

    Skulkap 44

    He seems to have a high iq of the game.

Jay Bird

He sounds like he has a cold.


We can’t see how good he is unless he gets more then 15 carries!!

    Mark Messina

    He didnt even get close to that many


    Re TRAC he only had 6 out of the 15 running plays smh he needs to have 20 carries himself

    Mark Messina

    @Issachar at least

    Re TRAC

    @Issachar I know I’m just saying that’s how many he needs

J Dolo

50 cent mixed with ray rice


    J Dolo lmfaoooo can’t unsee it now

    J Dolo

    @SkullSauce ikr its been fucking with me since draft. Feels like ray rice clone trying sneak back in the league. He too mature and poised to early. Then way he ran over and manhandled mfs in practice and flexed like man amongst boys. I was like Who he think he is? Been anxious to put on pads. Lmaooooo hey nagy…RUN THE MOTHERFUCKING BALL!!!!!

    Vodi CHOSEN

    That’s all I see when I look at him now lmao


David Montgomery has nothing to due with it. Nagy doesn’t call running plays, he thinks Trubiski is the second coming of Joe Montana.


    Luckystrike an rpo is a Run Pass Option. So it’s a running play and a passing play in one, and it’s on Mitch to read the defense and make the right decision

    Max Fire Fantasy Report

    yall just gotta chill, mitch is a work in progress. i love monty too but realistically we’re only going as far as mitch takes us.

    T3rminata T

    @Luckystrike I don’t think you get how RPOs work.


    @T3rminata T I may have misstated how an RPO works. It’s a play on which the QB has the option to pass, get the ball to another position player (usually a running back but it could be a tight end or even a receive,r usually by a hand off, a lateral, or a shovel pass) , or run the ball himself. It requires the QB to read the defense and make the proper decision quickly, then physically execute the play.

Brian White

Run the ball!! We have 3 very talented young backs Cohen,Montgomery, and Whyte!!

    Danny Przedpelski

    Brian White Davis not whyte

    Brian White

    @Danny Przedpelski yes Whyte!! Good young talent


    No you have one running back David Montgomery….. the rest suck lol

    Danny Przedpelski

    Cohen doesn’t suck


    As a running back he does. How many rushing yards did they run him week 1? Montgomery is by far a better overall running back than Cohen.


Montgomery can you do me a favor? Can you get in Nagy’s face and tell him you exist and that you need at least 20 to 25 carries??? Thank you


My man’s got a cold, hopefully he gets better by sunday

PHILosophy 1990

This kid is gonna be a GREAT leader on this team in the future. I have high hopes for him.


Michael Coffey

Nagy or someone around him remembers they have this kid and he gets 20 to 25 carries MINIMUM ea game our record will be much much better then drop back and throw 40 to 45 times a game…….


Like Matt Nagy is smart enough to use him 15-18 times and let him get into the flow of the game. That dumbass will probably have Trubisky put the ball in the air again 40 – 50 times.

Levi Harrington

No more running a socialist offense. Let the best man get all the touches instead of trying to feed everyone evenly.

Rich Money

He got that d Rose vibe


I can name about 12-15 running backs that have a better run game than Montgomery… theres 32 teams. They will go 4-12 with a 3 running back set up and not running Montgomery for 30 carries.



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