David Johnson Highlights vs. Bengals | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ryan Li


Vincent the mediocre


Yo Yo

The tank bowl

    Hawkeye Plerce

    The Dolphins were not involved in this outing

    Kai Smith

    Yo Yo That’s next weeks Dolphins Redskins game


Johnson is extremely underrated in my opinion.

Andrew Kyle

Finally they use David Johnson a lot

Czr S

STEVE KEIM you need to be fired!!!!!!!!


    He does


    If he doesn’t get fired after this season I’ll be really surprised man has terrible drafts choices except for this recent draft with kyler, isabella, kesean and butler

LebronNotTop10 #3-6Szn #NoFoot

Kyler had a great game

connor miller

Really pulling for Kyler to succeed in the NFL. First step in the right direction. Nice work 👍

    One Canadian dude

    I am too. Really glad the o-line is finally helping him more. That’s the main thing that restricted him


David Johnson had that one monster season and then dipped but he had a good game today

    Mr B

    no just injury and bad coaching made it look like he dropped cause his production dropped but he’s still talent wise a top 3 complete running and catching back in the league. watch at the end of the year hell be top 4 in total yards for scrimmage


    Mr B not to mention the awful offensive line. Even then tho I wouldn’t put DJ top 3 just yet, Barkley, mccafferey, kamara, and even guys like fournette or ekeler are really good with not much to work with

josh posey

Needs to on a better team…


Man what a drag for us Bengals fans. Two losses in a row to previously winless teams. Oh well, looking forward to getting a high draft pick who will doubtlessly suffer a season ending injury before every getting play in a game.

Mr B

best pure route running and catching running back. so slept on if he had an actual o line hed make Ezekiel and Saquon look like amateurs

Maxwell Prempeh

They aren’t utilizing him as they should . He should be getting at least 30 touches a game . Kingsburry literally puts all the pressure on Kyler to air it out when he could be using Johnson a lot more


This man is really underrated. He doesn’t usually produce a ton of fantasy points but he’s a great runningback and the Cardinals should use him more!

D3 The taliban menace

Imagine if he had a decent o line like 2016

Mark Peel

I’d like to see Johnson on a good team with a decent O line.

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