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Rudee The Vet Russo

Trade Josh McDaniels for John Gruden!!! Go get Phylon and Q Jefferson back


    Lmao , Gruden is straight trash, McDaniels has put together the 6th highest offense in the NFL, while Graham is leading the defense that has allowed the 28th highest points in the NFL, Philon is still injured, and Jefferson has been battling a foot injury since week 3 and hasn’t been performing at all this year. Our fans just say things to say things, its hilarious.

    Rudee The Vet Russo

    @RAIDER CASPER Damn bro someone has a different view than you and you lashed out in violence


    @Rudee The Vet Russo violence, by saying something is hilarious? Man I wish I lived in that world.

    Rudee The Vet Russo

    @RAIDER CASPER bro I’m just busting your balls!! And I was trolling with my first statement!! Just bored bro had a major surgery and have nothing better to do!!! I agree with you 100 percent about the fan base, I love the passion but some of the takes are horrible!! Figured I throw something else into the chat besides Carr blaming!!! Lmao love ya big fella

Jeremiah Rose

I think the players/coaches/fans are banking on the next few games are guarantee wins……well if they aren’t the season is trash and we should have rebuilt…this reload is crap as of now. We’ll see. My confidence level is 2 out of 10.

    Armon Brown

    Fax bro We need another edge and a DB in the draft I don’t think we are going to beat half of those teams these nxt games RN4L

    Mike Nixon

    You’re more confident than me I’m at a 1, luckily we can beat anyone any game…also, lose to anyone any game

Derek Passante

Need stud linebacker need push from D line need coverage dbs DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE

    Jay D

    A stud OLB, Perryman is stopping RB’s in the hole🏴‍☠️☠️


1-4… good job at not having the pieces

Rusty Nail

I like Dave’s thinking. If a player doesn’t already know the system, it’s likely too late for a positive return on investment mid season. Stay the course 🧭.

    YD 223

    Sounds like excuses . Giants have a brand new system and they are 5-1

    Rusty Nail

    The funny thing to me, is these Raiders fans pointing all blame on the coaching staff. We’re not getting blown out. If we were, I’d agree. These are one possession games we’re losing by a thread 🧵. That’s the same margins we were winning by last year. That comes down to execution. This is a very complex offense. Expecting instant returns on this investment is unwise.

    Rusty Nail

    Also, for one of the few times in recent memory, we’re not anywhere close to leading the league in penalties. Yet we’ve still had our normal dose of 🦓 mystery calls.

    “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” – Rita Mae Brown

    We’ve had a lot of the latter.

    Mr. Wrong

    @YD 223 The Giants do not look like a 5-1 team. We do not look like a 1-4 team. Stop this nonsense.

Schmucky the Raider Bear

What stands out in the preseason is they ran the damn ball a ton.

    Oakland Raiders

    Preseason isn’t regular season. Completely different

    Schmucky the Raider Bear

    @Oakland Raiders sure, then why is Ziegler even comparing them in the interview?

channel surfer

I just hate that boilerplate answer of blaming turnovers and penalties…factors that are part of the game..they haven’t turned it over excessively, one was a freak play..when he said that my eyes glazed over.


All I gotta say is don’t you dare let Josh Jacobs leave Vegas! Resign Hollins and Abrams if he improves by the end of the season and only on a team friendly contact if not let him walk.

Cisco E

Not scoring TD’s and matriculating the ball closer to goal to goal situations has been disappointing big time.


Dave and Josh has to take most of the blame for this start and don’t say it takes time to know the system and all that crap. They supposed to make it work and find players to make it work. Not once did I hear Dave or Josh hold themselves accountable but try to blame the players for not buying in. We have enough talent on both sides of the ball to compete with the best so don’t make it sound like a transition year. Make it work NOW


We need to jump start the rest of the season this week. A win is a win for sure, but a confidence building game as in just running through the Texans with no grease would be a tone setter. We got a squad and will still win the division, come back and quote me. Let Waller rest a couple more weeks so that nagging hammy fully heals. Moreau is solid and should be back in the line up. Horsted played well against KC too. When we get them on the ropes, go for the kill. If we are running down their throats, make them stop it. Don’t get too pretty and have situational awareness, hopefully that was part of the in house evaluation. The call against Koonce was horrible but we should have ran on the 3rd and 1 on the last drive against kc. The last play might have worked on 4th and 1 if Renfrow and Adam’s don’t collide but it was a predictable play to me given the calls all night. I like the guts but not at that juncture. Roll Carr out a bit more and let’s see some more of those legs in crucial spots. Go Raiders!

martin timmer

Chandler Jones was signed for sacks. Dont belittle us with the sexy stats excuse.sacks end drives,sacks get teams out of scoring range.if you wanted a run stopper,there where others to sign .

J Bo

This is a booky season. The most pressure math has felt since E=MC SQUARE


Should’ve played the starters in preseason, it could’ve exposed the hiccups.
And the Raiders have empty pockets next season. What are you doing to do about the lines? I don’t share Mr. Zeiglers confidence.

channel surfer

Now I remember that when Woodson stripped the ball in that loss to Seattle it ended up a safety against the Raiders..LOL…this crap only happens to the Raiders….that last Super Bowl was a trainwreck with Callahan as the worst coach the Raiders ever had…so ..now this clusterjumpsuit is Ziegler’s and Mcdaniels’ problem..they have to deal with this endemic, warped, alternate reality that hangs over the Silver and Black.

Hans Simpson

Josh jacobs is a keeper for sure why you’re coaching staff didn’t know that just saying

Avery Henning

I cant take any more bad calls from McDaniels. Players running into each other. Going for two when down by one. Im ready to see him gone.


Yah let the pre season guys play and let’s see how well they do

Andrew Evenstar

give this regime atleast 2 years. we are on the right track


It’s not an upgrade you get,it’s stabilising the team.

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