Dave Toub: “This guy’s unbelievable. He’s got a strong leg.” | Press Conference 10/20 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Benjamin Wachold

Mecole Hardman should be the kick returner if not take the touchback, take the 25 yards. Jerrod Ealy who’s on the practice squad has got kick return ability, elevate him. The offense should not have to deal with having to work 80 or 90 yards down the field. Dave Toub doesn’t have those burners he had in Chicago like Devin Hester. Sky Moore is not a kick returner he’s a WR, that’s what he was in college he never returned kicks at all. It’s a mistake to use Pacheco and Moore as kick returners.

    Jacob Jenkins

    I agree with you. Our returners are both misplaced right now. Sky Moore is a WR and Pacheco is a RB. Idk why they’re forcing the issue with those young guys besides just getting them play time. I understand gaining experience is valuable but not at the mercy of the team as a whole.

Chief Cheems

Nice title

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