Dave DeGuglielmo getting the unit ready for Baltimore – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dylam Furfaro

This guy knows how to coach an O-Line.

    Michael Curtis

    We have a bunch of smart coaches… hope they coach well together 🙂



Karen Setzer

Love ❤️ Dolphins 🐬Coaching staff
Work with purpose. Compete,
play every play and WIN !


    Karen, I like your attitude, need more MIA fans with this. Gotta trust that MIA brass and Flores & Co. are putting together a good team, that’s disciplined, execute and compete to win. We can’t evaluate this team until the season unfolds. Everyone bashing the team before we even know the finished product FinsUp


there is a difference between putting out 11 guys on offense….and then playing winning. the discussion here is just to put out 11 players that can just execute plays. there isn’t here about winning.

    Ryan Minnis

    1392FinBear Are you trying to form the resemblance of a sentence? Let alone an insult? 🤣🤦‍♂️

    Ryan Minnis

    If your trying to say were not trying to win I bet you change your opinion after sunday if you even watch the games


    @Ryan Minnis my prediction Ravens 24…Fins 10.


    @Ryan Minnis not an insult…just my observation. he’s just trying to keep pre-snap penalties to maybe 2 for the first game….and complete busted plays to maybe 2…


he’s focused on everyone cross training positions….. that’s great. i doubt that will win you football games. it’ll just keep it from public humiliation.

Out of many One

I like this Regime, go Phins!


Try Rosen at Left Tackle..you never know you dam sure ain’t got one right now

Chris Hlasnick

This Dudes a badass!!!

alchemist 555

We gonna be running the ball a lot!!! And throwing a lotta screens and short throws

Sharrod Ford

You got your hands full this year buddy

Chief Bubba

Sounds good everything will be fine

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