Dave Campo: They’re Going To Be A Good Football Team | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
steal threaded

get him away from the team immediately



    Rayyan Naqvi

    @thegorn68 he was an awful head coach for the cowboys

    luis davila

    He was a great DC not so much HC

Daniel Bray

We got to have a big shot this year come on boyz bring one home


Any Cowboy “fan” that rips on Campo for the 5-11 seasons and seriously blames HIM is a fucking idiot! First of all, Campo is part of the 90’s championship family. He worked for Jimmy and has a ring as a Hurricane and 3 rings from the Super Bowl teams. He was a great defensive coordinator during the ’95 season and the defense won that last Super Bowl. ANYONE would have failed as a head coach of the team he inherited. Jerry had run it into the ground. They were in salary cap hell, roster was one of the oldest in the league and bereft of talent thanks to years of shitty post-Jimmy drafting. Give me a fucking break!


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Humberto Jacquez

oohhh the worst years of cowboys coaching

Jesus Aguilar

Only 2000-2002 fans remember this coach


    But he came over with Jimmy in 89’..?

Mark Schlingloff

He was head coach when Emmitt broke all time rushing record.



I don’t need any more 5-11 seasons thank you….

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