Davante Adams says Packers’ locker room is ‘after one goal’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ruben Vega

He is going to go off this Sunday.


    Rhodes closed

    Chris Garrett

    Not when Davante is matched with him.


    100 yds incoming


Much respect to Davonte

    Jackson Palmersheim

    jesus christ spell his name right its davante


    Jackson Palmersheim dajonte


He sounds like a leader. It’s what we need for this team. More leaders.


    Bubba Franks is the captain

    Hassan Baluch

    BKK Bubba Franks was so awesome.

Ben Chrisoit

Just beat the Vikings please


    Not happening

Deon Lawrence

There are fewer better words these days Davante.

    Amigo Jones

    Davante studied in eligibility in School, He’s from commiefornia, he dosent even realize that Brown County (Green Bay) voted for Trump aswell as Wisconsin as a whole. Makes you wonder what NFL athletes median iq is……

    Deon Lawrence

    @Amigo Jones He can have his political preferences, man, i just thought it was funny he took the time to try and take a shot.I have never seen someone with the power to be on someones mind at all times the way 45 does it.

    I thought i heard Wisconsin was going blue as of late.Or at least purple.

    Erik Berg

    Deon Lawrence Wisconsin IS purple. Most of our smaller stuff we vote blue, but President goes back and forth.

Simeon Givens

8 rec 106 yds 2 td’s first home game too??? #GOPACKSGO


Rhodes closed for Davante vs Vikings

    Juquanbrown Brown

    Lol guess you dont watch davante


    Ummmmm nah

    Stephanoe Wilks

    BKK Like I’ve said Once Before…Sike!!!!!! Not gonna happen

    packers fan

    Lmfao davante adans and Jordy Nelson dusted rhoades so many time. Rhoades stay open for us on him. Lol

    Stephanoe Wilks

    packers fan EXACTLY! #GoPackGo

Varaz Gharakhanian

God, Country, and the Pack 👍

Aubrey p


Sarah Pfarr

Go 💚pack🏈go💛

Aaron Summers

Love Davante Adams


I expect Aron Jones to have good game…. humble guy…

Skoldier Soup

Vikings win on Sunday. SKOL

    packers fan

    Lol at least the bears have a superbly win in the past 34 years. When was the last time yall won the super bowl.

Master King Lee

Tell me, don’t Adams look like that red angry bird lol

All Hail Rodgers

If our defense can pressure Cousins, and make him uncomfortable, and Rodgers, and Tae can get it going, as well as the run game, it will be an easy W



Cheese Boss

There’s something about this packer team that makes me feel like we’re gonna get the Lombardi back home

Total War Destroyer

I’m a Vike. I want Devonte. He is the next Greg Jennings!

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