Davante Adams says offense is ‘trying to lock in on the details’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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James Berg Reply


MrBrenman21 Reply

It must be weird to be crowded like that with mics.

Joshua Eugster Reply

this man needs some TDs!!

    Dylan .M Reply

    Yea my fantasy isnt looking good with him dont know what it is if hes getting doubled by a corner and a safety hovering below him or what

    Eleazar Lucero Reply

    @Dylan .M Mans is getting double and tripled teamed

    brayden finch Reply

    Dylan .M wait for MVS to step up. once teams give his 4.3 speed and 6’4” frame some respect, id expect to see a lot more from adams. mvs can take the top off the defense, any play

Djordje Petrovic Reply

Our offense needs to start clicking ASAP. Big games are coming.

    Zebula Wienandt Reply

    @Julick After the Eagles, its the Cowboys, and then, I think after Oakland, its the Chiefs.. so.. there are even tougher battles. But after those, it shouldn’t be too bad.

    Dylan .M Reply

    Man I’m going to say I love the pack but arod just isnt the same hes timid I think hes thinking about getting hurt to much so hes throwing the ball away and throwing it at the ground

    refineme Reply


    kokokokokoko quinto Reply

    I think if we split the next two games we’ll be good

    Overton Jones Reply

    You like Linkin Park that’s their 2012 album logo from living things

Meetuna Moua Reply

What was that about Aaron Rodgers? Hahaha

    Thomas Brennan Reply

    Is at the podium I believe

    Aaron Rodgers Reply

    Thomas Brennan 😂😂

    Otherworldly Burrows Reply


onone since81 Reply

Devante makes wide receiver easy !!!! He’s battle tested and you know playoff time comes he’s gonna stay active !!!!

    Asher Guenther Reply

    onone since81 *Davante

Jack Tie Reply

Aaron Rodgers is the best warrior
Aaron Rodgers is the best warrior

Adams: Alright! Alright!

    brayden finch Reply

    Jack Tie pretty sure he said aaron rodgers is at the podium

    Robert Bourdeau Reply

    brayden finch alright alright!

    ju mo Reply

    Jack Tie yea and Stephen Curry is the best Packer..

Master King Lee Reply

The Asian chick reporter though 😍😍😍😍

    Otherworldly Burrows Reply


    N Yang Reply

    She’s my wife.

    ju mo Reply

    Master King Lee what would you do to her..

    CallMePumps Reply

    @ju mo re-arainge her guts

    Overton Jones Reply

    Asian women don’t like blk men

orkcol Reply

Congratulations on the bobba. However, More fantasy points please 😉

    Karthik Bobba Reply

    orkcol bobba is my last name

Ice Alik Reply

Don’t be interrupting Tae’s interviews😂😂😂

oldbark9 Reply

What is that tattoo on his neck?

    RIP_Bloom Reply

    oldbark9 i’m pretty sure that’s his brand i think. it’s his initials and his number

    Robert Bourdeau Reply

    His brand

    CallMePumps Reply

    Is initials “D A” and number “17”

    packers12to80 Reply

    It’s literally right on his hat as well lol. It’s just his logo for his brand

Timothy Kenyon Reply

Definitely great leadership from Ta

Melissa Cassell Reply


mrkeitt Reply

You can tell Tae is a vet with that yell back for them to quiet it down lol #GoPackGo

Old School Reply

Lmaooo this one was funny

mike anderson Reply

Congrats devante!!! Keep ballin

Ainz Ooal Pwn 229 Reply

😂🤣😭 stop interrupting that man. Hey congrats on your new bundle of joy, homie. 💪🏼

Graham.25 Reply

Beautiful team this year so far

thebull Devoe Reply

He needs to score

fjordexplorer Reply


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