Davante Adams on return timeline: ‘I’m going to listen to my body and our doctors’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Tony Waters Reply

We miss you davante. We need you. But we have other recivers who need to stand up! We will be just fine… Get healthy davante.

    thebull Devoe Reply

    We have no receivers

    Bpsg alan ł Reply

    thebull Devoe marquez valdez-scantling

    thebull Devoe Reply

    @Bpsg alan ł he’s good for 1 or 2 catches a game 😒

    big chungo Reply

    @thebull Devoe Aaron Jones can handle it

Auto pilot 001 Reply

Let that man get healthy. Let’s not take any chances

Simeon Givens Reply

Davante is a very humble guy!

mindless monk Reply

Get healthy we will need you in the playoffs.

    Crowssant Reply

    mindless monk yes we will

Beebe Reply

I say 2-3 more weeks, hopefully he’s a go for the KC game, but he won’t be playing unless he is 100%

    Jacob Krueger Reply

    Kansas City will no doubt be a good game and I want them to win, but tbh it’s not that important since it’s not an NFC team.

    Delusion is an Illusion Reply

    3 more weeks is absolutely absurb for a grade one injury. And every win is important.

    Beebe Reply

    @Delusion is an Illusion They haven’t released the grade

Irvinghamilton Reply

Relax n get ready for kc

Dan Roberts Reply

I hope he doesn’t go out when his not ready. Get healthy need him for the late part of the season

    Delusion is an Illusion Reply

    He’s definitely not going to. You heard him. Sounds like until he can do backflips he’s not gonna play. I love the dude as a receiver but he’s getting way to defensive lately.

    Dan Roberts Reply

    Delusion is an Illusion why is he defensive? He protecting himself from further injuries.

andythefork Reply

Cutie on the left

    Mark Thompson Reply


Joshua Peterson Reply

Reminds me of the Sterling Sharpe years. Turf toe is a bugger.

3lement2010 Reply

Glad to see they’re going conservative on this. I’d rather have him for the Chiefs game than our next two games.

    Ryan Edwards Reply

    3lement2010 screw that, I’m 2-3 I need him back

    3lement2010 Reply

    @Ryan Edwards Who’s your backup WR??

    Overton Jones Reply

    @Ryan Edwards pick up braylon Edwards

Mike Hodges Reply

WE NEED HIM! Love this dude. Rodgers best weapon!!!

Sione Tuivai Reply

This dude is a beast! I love this guy. Come back when you’re ready, the PACK will hold it down till than.

Daniel Dietsche Reply

His game is so much based on great footwork, so don’t rush back Davante!!

Nicholas Ward Reply

Realistically, they haven’t said it but the Chiefs game just feels like a target for return

Adam Price Reply

Smartest non-diva WR in the league. Don’t press it. Plenty of time. Come back 100% #gopackgo

Matt Horgan Reply

Who’s that girl? Anyone know?

Janet Contreras Reply

Take ya time n when healthy damage mode on every opponent

packers fan Reply

When I heard I’m not gonna play dumb day 4 sure

Jesse Grajeda Reply

We need another star receiver like legit we can’t be relying on this man alone get him some help

Tevin Isles Reply

I think we should say he playing and just put him out there just to scare them lol

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