Darren Waller: “Just going out there and doing what I do everyday” | Press Conference | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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He will be a Raiders alumni

duet steam

great cool personality… salt of the earth… great he s back to top

No where Man!

I wouldn’t make it in professional sports, my nerves are a wreck as we speak! We win they will talk about this game all season.

Danny Reyes

Looks like getting to London early is paying off players look fresh and in good moods

    GuUdA COA

    Danny Reyes you are spot on. 🏴‍☠️


Where’s @Pineapple Combo? I want to punk him for thinking AB was gonna get 1600yards. Lol. Found an old screenshot.

    PS4 G

    lol really

bill hawk

Unstoppable throw it up Carr he’ll come down with it!

    Dell Jr

    I can see where Chucky brought in some of his ideas, a big TE with good speed and good hands, along with that BA guy who should have been our #1 receiver.
    By by now at week 5 we should be 3-1 averaging about 31 points per/game.

    bill hawk

    Exactly there’s still missing pieces from a young team but its coming man

frank jimenez

Very humble down-to-earth cool cat

M. A.

That’s dope ima check out the album

Alex Mendoza

Top 5 TE’s in the league


Yes, let’s get this man in the end zone. Just win baby! RaiderNation4Life!!!!

Edgar Bonilla

Nothing but success for him glad he turned it around..

Byron Mendez

This man making carr look good lol

Johnny Amaro

He looks like he was built by a scientist

Watts Raider

Waller is a stud. Glad to have him


I want him to chip off Mack😎

Notorious BOT

You can tell when the reporter acknowledged Waller’s music career u can tell he really loves making beats, and music.

Elvir Doko

He’s gonna have a big pay day soon

Sillyas Iwannabe

The more this man talks the more it makes me smile… Overcoming what he has is inspirational… Character Guys… 👍👍👍 RN4L

T Co

This dude has a great football mind. He’s a smart, physical freak.


I’m looking at future Raiders great TE. Darren Waller this kid has it

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