Darrell Taylor College Highlights | 2020 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Darrell Taylor College Highlights | 2020 NFL Draft

College highlights of defensive end Darrell Taylor from Tennessee, the Seahawks' second-round pick (No. 48 overall) in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Be sure to tune in to the 2020 NFL Draft on Friday, April 24 (4 P.M. PT), and Saturday, April 25 (9 A.M. PT) on ABC, ESPN, & NFL Network.

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David Martinez Reply

Yesss sirrrr💚💙 Welcome

Dream On Reply

Frank Clark 2.0

Darkskin GOD Reply

I’m happy with this one let’s go

Richard Oliver Reply

Welcome to the 12’s!

ry tvdinners Reply

Some body just got better….go hawks

cody thecoolguy Reply

Who put this video together? Dont show any technique, speed or bend just finishing tackles… lol c’mon man. Good pick tho should shut up all the chicken little fans who thought the sky was falling yesterday. GO HAWKS!

MJ Daniel Reply

I’ll take it, go hawks

Troll Execution Reply

Dudes got an insane get off. Very good pick.

Houston G33 Reply

I guess I get to watch him on my favorite team another 4 years

    Avery Jones Reply

    Houston G33 at least

Slim_ MMalone Reply

I really want to see a Seahawks rookie to win defense rookie of the year

    N.A.D Reply

    That won’t ever happen. The seashits haven’t drafted great players since Earl Thomas.

    X.Ivan.X Reply

    N.A.D …..Wagner Wilson were drafted after Thomas….so u wrong….and also, Get TF Out Of Here.

    N.A.D Reply

    @X.Ivan.X Wilson & Wagner suck. ET3, Kam, and Sherman carried the Seahawks

    MEMEBOSS Reply

    N.A.D u r such an idiot if u think that wilson and Wagner are trash. Wilson was an MVP candidate this year and deserved to be one and Bobby Wagner is one of the top tacklers in the NFL so shut the heck up

    danny fonseca Reply

    N.A.D your troll is bad

J S Reply

Next Bruce/freak Clark it’s on

T3rminata T Reply

This is the only pick I’m neutral with.

    Robin Of Ohara Reply

    He was a beast for the vols 🔥

    MWM B Reply

    The brooks one pissed me off but certain players fit certain teams needs. But brooks and him were expected first round picks and pet and John know what they are doing

Taemarion Doss Reply

Our 1st round wasn’t that good tbh

Luis Torres Reply

he kinda plays like k’lavon chaisson

Leonardo Ribeiro Reply

He’s looks like RGreen

emmit brown Reply

This is the DK Metcalf of this draft class.

MrGodismypower Reply

Was hoping we woulda took bradlee anae right here 😒

T M Reply

This guy is going to be something, I’m telling ya. The only other players I’ve gotten this feeling about in years past have been Frank Clark, Tyler lockett and Chris Carson.

    Giraffe Juice Reply


    T M Reply

    @Giraffe Juice scroll all the way down to the bottom of the comments, second comment from the bottom from seiseman with 23 replies


Jordan Salinas Reply

Can’t wait to see him on the field. Go Seahawks

Sharkonabicycle Reply

Love all the Seahawks picks at the moment, little disappointed on the trading though. I was hoping we could trade back for Brooks (rumor is Seattle was trying to, but who knows) and I think we could’ve had Taylor at our 59th… BUT, I also think there was glaring concern the Rams may take him given Taylor’s 3-4 experience and the Rams’ hole at 3-4 OLB pass rusher. Yes they picked up Floyd, but Floyd hasn’t proven he can fill that gap and do it as well as Fowler (who signed with Atlanta).

That said, I expect to see Taylor and Brooks on the field immediately with Seattle. With Kendricks gone and Seattle’s terrible running defense, Brooks immediately fills a hole there. And on the pass rush side, Taylor is probably one of the best pass rushers in the draft and graded extremely high last year, WHILE not at 100% health.

Also love the Lewis pick. Road grader on the rush offense. Turns out Seattle likes to run the ball. Coincidence? I think not. I love the PLAYERS we picked up so far. My only complaint would be where we took some and could we have kept/acquired more picks. But that can be a dangerous game to play as well if you miss out on your guy because you waited. Kind of like playing the stock market. End of day I love this draft so far.

Excited for day 3. Two late 4ths and an early 5th. Hoping for RB, DT, CB. GO HAWKS!!!!

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