Darrell Bevell on offense through first quarter of season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jaden Vandyke


Mr. Madden


Steve Russell

He just projects confidence. Best OC weve had

    abhay naik


Mark Douglas

You can just tell he knows how to call an NFL game. Much different than lombardi/cooter who were first timers

Plug Dat Puss

He doesn’t trust stafford


    @yayo badass ok you sign up lets see you put this team on your back and win some games you would be like a deer in headlights out there BUM

    Zachery Graves

    Yes he does

    George Morgan

    Lol when and where did he say it cus I’ve watched a ton of videos and never seen it . Plus any time that ding bat yayo dumass is on your side in a debate you are automatically wrong

Chris Caahbaugh

Keep this guy lions💯👈

Thunder/Lions Fan

Called a GREAT game last Sunday, unfortunately officials turned a blind eye on 2 replays and blatantly missed a PI from Hitchens(again) and ignored marvin jones being tackled while the ball was in the air during the hail mary. I’ve been saying it since the offseason but ill say it again, if Bev can get this run game going(like last game) this offense will be unstoppable! If you can be unpredictable with Stafford instead of constantly having to pass you can beat anyone and help him stop playing through pain, even if he’s the toughest SOB ive ever seen.

Darin Walker

Offense has grown every week, mind you had to grow through 3 playoff teams in a row, packs will be tough on the road also but we have played top talent and can hang with them all, wait until we play the scrubs of league! Cardinals don’t count first game and we’re rusty and the defense lost it anyways. Most teams slip up to a team or two in a whole year so even if we get beat by a bad team I still see us at 10-6, or 11-5. Let’s go lions that would be a huge success and we are young with cap room only goes up from there!

    Thunder/Lions Fan

    Darin Walker well said, depending on if they win this monday game vs GB i got them going 11-4-1/12-3-1 they lose im thinkin 9-6-1 or 10-5-1. If we dont resign slay this offseason idk what the hell were doing

Michael McDermott

I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this but it’s almost impossible to hear most of the questions asked by the press.

    Aaron Davis

    It always is with these Lions videos I don’t get it

    Bryan Smith

    Yep-it never improves. Guessing the room is mic’d but some reporters just aren’t talking towards them. Probably just need better mics and maybe position them a little differently.

    Kai Malik

    I never had a problem. Then again I wear headphones. Maybe try that.


Keep up the great game plans and adjustments Coach!

i Mr go hard

Lions wasted so much years with OCs who had no clue what they were doing. Joe Lombardi and Jim Bob Cooter were terrible

    Thunder/Lions Fan

    Yeah. Never understood why the lions got lombardi, dude just over complicated things. JBC was good after he got fired but got worse and worse each year

    i Mr go hard

    Thunder/Lions Fan i was a thunder fan too until they got rid of Westbrook and pg13. They still got a decent team tho.

Bryan Smith

If I were Stafford I would tell that O Line, no sacks all game and I’ll give each of you guys $500. Money well spent imo.

    Bryan Smith

    pretty sure nobody would turn down a chance to get an extra $500 bucks with no risk , no matter how rich you are.

    Zack Richards

    A few weeks ago he got them gifts from a Detroit cookie shop, he does things like that probably every year. You just don’t see about it cause he’s not on social media, check his wife Kelly’s IG she usually makes a post when he gets the O-Line gifts.


    If he gotta do that they aint worth having on the team

    Bryan Smith

    @Zack Richards that’s awesome! Didn’t know that.

    Bryan Smith

    @fortuneOVERfame not saying he HAS to do that, it’s just an incentive. I think the Pats do that with Brady, like win a playoff game and you get X dollars.

yayo badass

Only thing I want frm u is to run the ball mre start practicin some trick plays an start doin them in real game

Earl Crank

I wish they would fix the damn audio. It would be nice to be able to hear the questions.


So glad we got mr.bevell if we had cooter we would have been 0-3

Bernard Brooks

Bev keep the pedal down, But see a big difference!

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