Darnell Savage believes turnovers are the key to keep on winning – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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StrizZles Reply


Lucas Nogueira Reply

Im a big fan of him so far

    Glo Gang Promoter Reply

    Lucas Nogueira Yeah He Been Growing On Me Since Chicago

    aaron berhane Reply

    Lucas Nogueira same

Keshan Mitchell Reply

I love the 1-0 mindset.

Jay Jay Reply

I think u are looking at the DROY as long the defense ranks top 5 and we make the playoffs.
Im getting nick collins vibe.

    Simple X. Reply

    He has the potential to be even better than Nick was. Ceiling is high for this kid.

    Adande Scrubs Reply

    Simple X. For sure. Wanted him before the draft and we got him… the smiths and Jaire and savage have a certain swagger that our defense hasn’t had in a long time. Not to mention elite players in Kenny Clark and Amos. Good times

    Jay Jay Reply

    I agree ceiling is higher but i suggest to go watch nick collins highlights. He was always around the ball. Sadly, A career ending injury took it away from him Savage is the same with a lil more hitting power.

Timothy Kenyon Reply

1-0 every week, works for me.

Simple X. Reply

Darnell Savage looks like everything clinton-dix was suppose to be for us. Man, he easily makes you forget about dix and brice who were both terrible lol. Trading up was worth it. #GoPackGo

N Yang Reply

If you win the turnover battle you will win…unless you are the Steelers.

Goated23 X Reply

1-0 every week baby!!!

Devin Bradshaw Reply

His silent confidence is impressive and it’s amazing how high his football is already considering he is a rookie. I see plenty of more good things to come

Isidro Medina Reply

The best packers they have a lot of talent we got to win a super bowl ring this year

Ernesto Uribe Reply

These reporters are freaking out over being 3-0 but the players understand there’s a bigger goal in mind

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