Darius Slay on playing at an elite level against Green Bay’s offense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Skiks Reply


    Steven P Reply


    Skylee Riggs Reply

    Sound good to me

    Calvin Johnson81 Reply

    Skiks I’d be happy with 10-5-1

PALi friendly Reply


Steven P Reply

Slay was sassy here he wasn’t feeling his turn to do media lol

Tt 2017 Reply

Only big play slay in the nfl!! Let’s get this W #onepride

Detroit For Life Reply

Keep sleeping U ball u get the call.. DVE

HardWork &Dedication Reply

Sup slay bby🔥🔥🔥

Mike Alexander Reply

Glad to hear he be playing Monday

    Shawn Dymond Reply

    Technically he’s questionable, but hopefully he will be, based off this i’d think yes!

Kyle Renneberg Reply

Darius Slay Tracy Walker jr. And Justin Coleman all from Brunswick High School all related by blood or marriage! Elite 3 defensive backs!

    Bootiebodypody AFO Reply

    Love it we getting this Dub just everyone pray for the kids in Africa and places of need that’s more important

    rj doggman Reply

    Coleman balled out last game. They need to get this W cuz nobody is respecting the Lions even tho they should be undefeated right now but it’s on to the next team. GB. Gotta get this win

hey hey Reply

As a Packer fan, tons of respect that he is concerned about Devante! Very high character guy!

a 10 Reply

We going to smoke the pack get ready lions top nfc north we going to expose how bad the packers really are.

    Quel M Reply

    Nah, been over 1000 days since the Pack beat Detroit. Think they are a better team. Think Stafford has eclipsed Rodgers as best in the North.

rj doggman Reply

Slay needs 2 pics and a td. On mnf

Carlos Lawson Reply

I here 97.1’s Nerdy nerd alerters🤣🤣 they negative energy bounces of Big Play Slay 😎👍🏾

Detroit Sports247 Reply


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Justin Chilcutt Reply

Love Darius slay

willie king Reply


Jamison.Whiskey Reply

If he doesn’t lock up MVS the lions will be in trouble. Seems like an easy assignment for him if he’s one of the best in the NFL.
-packer fan

    Quel M Reply

    Jamison.Whiskey “That’s a good team over there… we’re better “ -Matt Patricia

    Jamison.Whiskey Reply

    @Quel M without Davante Adams and Darnell Savage? It’s certainly conceivable. With them both healthy and based on how both teams have performed this season and who they’ve played? Not so much

    David H Reply


Tyler Donitzen Reply

Big play slay

yayo badass Reply

Big play Slay is playin Monday nite. AR whatever u do dnt throw slay espically game on the line u will lose. I’m definitely confident we’re going to win this game nw we gt my boi bck so with that beimg said let’s go eat some cheese go get dis W go Lions.

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