Darius Leonard Trying To Make Every Play In Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sal Morales

Aye colts I’m first ❤️

Stevie Armstrong

It’s#IndianapolisColltsNation4Life Here

    DG 2


Jungleboy 223

The maniac ‼️‼️

adam armstrong

He hasn’t just bought in … He is completely sold on the defensive scheme we have. Ca nt wait for this season.

Shelley Garman

The maniac!go colts 2019 and beyond!get that ring y’all get it for us big colts nation baby!😎😎😎😂😆😉😅

Nunya Bizness

This young man quickly became my favorite football player.

    DG 2

    He’s gettin up there on my list, too.

    Derrick Carmichael

    He’s from my hometown

    DG 2

    @Derrick Carmichael that’s what’s up!

Matthew Jones

This Defense is going to be special.


Excited about this long and athletic Linebacker crew. These guys are fast and aggressive.

Luis Avila


Luis Avila

Colts will have the best Defense in the NFL? What rank say you?

    max lank


DG 2

This dude is becoming 1 of my favorite players. SO glad we drafted him. I see him as 1 of the staples of our defense for years to come. I think this defense is gonna definitely be top 10, especially with #TheManiac leadin it!
Let’s go Colts!

Derrick Carmichael

Maniac 💪💪

Big Bank Buddha

The Maniac!!!! Can’t wait for this Colts team to dominate this year!!!

Kequan Winston


Matthew Vire

Anybody else notice he called Justin Houston a “monster”?? Hmmmm The Maniac and The Monster anyone??

Christine C

He is Hillarious. Him and Ebron must have the funniest conversations. Two big personalities.

David Paynter

This guy will be a stud for a long long long time…..

The Ghost of Andrew Luck

I love this man. So poised for a 2nd year player. This marriage with the Colts is something special for Indianapolis and the organization. We got our guy and he reflects the character we all aspire to have. Great example. Great leader. Incredible player. I have nothing but good things to say about Darius Leonard.

The Ghost of Andrew Luck

I love the comparisons to Tampa and that incredible run. Justin Houston is our Simeon Rice, and I think we know who Derick Brooks is, but can Autry (our best DT by a hefty margin last year) be that Warren Sapp presence on the inside? I can’t wait to see this year.

Elijah Salinas

Dude is a beast🔥🔥🔥

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