Darius Leonard Breaks Down How to Make Pre-Snap Reads, Force Turnovers, & More | NFL Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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colts are finally getting respect

    Deon Nelson

    @smitten kitten welp now you do Browns should good

    smitten kitten

    @Deon Nelson hope so 😩 thanks

    Brandon Cosby, Jr.

    @AngusTheDolphin I don’t want him playing even if he’s healthy. Its honestly not worth the risk


    Brandon Cosby, Jr.
    Same dude
    colts should let brissett try


I could watch these all day

Lamp Long Bust

So happy for the nfl season to be here 😁


Don’t let this video distract you from the fact that the Jaguar fans are still talking about the AFC championship game against the Patriots as if they won it.


    Lmaoooo ayyyy waddup my nig

    Tampa is back 5904

    MRTUPAC 28 They should of won it

    MRTUPAC 28

    @Korvus Lmao what’s good bro.


    mfs got torched by the niners

First Name Last Name

As a Cowboys fan I got mad respect for this dude he a straight baller

    Vladimir Putin

    @nalim lattarai nah he can’t cover


    As a chiefs fan everybody respect this man skills as a rookie

    A sad Jets Fan

    Vladimir Putin he can lmao

    Marquizes Turner

    He can cover he is told to give up eveything underneath and make the tackle on catch

Loud Pack John

Thought this was a madden walk through 🤦🏾‍♂️


    lmao same.

    MR. Eugene

    Bro same it looked like it 😂

Marcus Middleton

Wasn’t he a rookie last year? I wonder how he stacked up against others at his position with those same kind of plays?

    Dakota Gibbons

    … DROY, lead the nfl in tackles….. 5 FF, swatted balls 9xxxxxx

Levin Long

The Colts remind me of the binders when they got good. Alex Smith at qb and Patrick Willis.

Daboss 7419

This guys a genius

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

This guy led the league in tackles!

Absolute monster

    Master Contender

    and he missed a game lol

Tampa is back 5904

Young man was slept on because he came from a small school aka HBCU, and he smarter than half of these young backers from , Alabama , Clemson , USC and Etc , he got potential to be an all time great , I wish Tampa would of got him , keep grinding dog


    Tampa is back 5904 definitely. It all starts with the mind and being able to read the offense

Leslie Tyson

in camp right now for highschool, playing linebacker, perfect timing


    Have fun and stay healthy broski

    Austin M

    Good luck, keep your head up


half these viewers are , d1 players, lineman or coaches

kwabena donkor

NFL how the hell did this man not make the pro bowl? I’m not asking because I’m a bias colts fans I think it’s a fair question.


    Saints fan here he should’ve 100%

    Oscar Aguilar

    Slept on 😴😴😴 everybody know him this year tho 😎


    kwabena donkor go vote on my newest video!

BodyDouble Security

How can folks POSSIBLY 👎🏾 this video??? Must be Titans, Jags, and Texans fans. 🤣😂🤣

Prophessor Z

MaN!aC’s Da MaN! The Colts Calvary is Coming…


Excited for his 2nd year. Kid has a knack for the game.

Jonathan Lastname

3:31 I was gonna ask what’s that on the laptop,
BUT look at the pinky!!!!
O-line for sure!

John Burke

Darius Leonard is low key a class act w these spread collar shirts he rocks

Ash Cabot

Word. I don’t play Football but enjoy watching it. I’m a #DBF4L .. Lol. Helps with understanding tha Game more. As an (from this) NFL Fan. 👥🏈👥

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